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Free 2 Day Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free 2 Day Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
PL Mount Lenses
PL Mount Lenses
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  • Rent PL Mount Lenses and Never Miss a Shot

    The easy swapping of PL mount lenses means you’ll never miss a shot. “PL” stands for “positive lock,” a lens locking system that lets you release the one you have and pop a new one into place in a matter of seconds and with minimal effort. These lenses are commonly used by Hollywood cinematographers as well as independent filmmakers around the world.

    With a BorrowLenses PL mount rental, professionals of every caliber always have the lens they need while staying under budget.

    Rent PL Mount Lenses and Always Have the Lens You Need

    Professionals and camera enthusiasts know there isn’t one lens that will capture every shot. Unless you shoot the same subject all the time, you need different lenses. PL mount is ideal for videographers, as they make swapping lenses fast and easy. BorrowLenses makes it easy to get PL mount lenses from top brands like Zeiss, Sigma, Cooke, Sony and Fuji.

    Some PL mount lenses available from BorrowLenses include:

    Angenieux Optimo 30-76mm T2.8 PL Mount Lens: Designed for Super 35 sensor video cameras, this cinema lens a 320º focus rotation, no breathing, and 20 precise focus witness marks.

    Sigma 35mm T1.5 Cine High Speed Prime PL Mount Lens: This cine prime has the optical performance and resolving power for high-resolution shooting up to 8K. It is equipped with industry-standard 0.8M gears, a focus scale marked in feet in luminous easy-to-read paint, and a 180º barrel rotation. 

    Tokina Cinema Vista 16-28mm T3 II PL Mount Lens:This lens is designed specifically for sharp imagery up to 8K and is compatible with RED's VistaVision format. The 112mm screw-on filter thread on the front of the lens gives you the option to use round filters instead of filling the filter carriage of your matte box. 

    Rokinon Xeen 14mm T3.1 PL Mount Lens: With an ultrawide field of view that features dual right and left-side focus and T stop scales, this lens is a great choice for cinematic vistas or shooting in tight spaces.

    Fuji Cabrio Premier 20-120mm T3.5 PL Mount Lens: With its detachable servo drive unit, this lens can be used as a traditional cinema lens or as an ENG-style lens. It covers an extensive range and is ideal for run-and-gun and single-lens operations.

    These represent only a handful of the PL mount lenses available at BorrowLenses. At BorrowLenses, it is easy to rent PL mount equipment at a fraction of the cost of buying it, making it possible to use the latest PL mount cinema lens technology for every shoot without the upfront costs.

    Free 2 Day Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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