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Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
PL Mount Lenses
PL Mount Lenses
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  • If you have dabbled in photography or videography for very long, then you have likely learned a vital secret: There is not one single lens that can accomplish every single kind of shot you might want to take. You need the ability to switch your lens on a whim as needed. The best way to quickly and efficiently change from one lens to the next and back again is to use a mount. A PL mount, also known as a positive lock or Arri PL mount, is one popular option that is perfectly suited for PL mount lenses of the caliber used in Hollywood.

    Advantages to PL Mounts

    The lens you use when going in for a close-up is different from one you might use for a panoramic shot of city buildings or mountain ranges. You don't necessarily have a different camera for all of these different shots. This means your one camera needs to be able to handle a shorter lens for close-ups and a huge telephoto lens for wider shots. PL mounts contain notches that allow you to quickly lock PL mount lenses into place and take your photo or shoot your video. When you're through with that particular lens, quickly detach it and snap in another. With its quick detach system and locking notches, it takes only seconds to switch to a new lens, select your settings, and get shooting again.

    Find All Your Lenses in One Place

    Photography and cinema lenses are expensive, and when you don't have the budget of a Hollywood producer, video equipment rentals are an easy way to save money. BorrowLenses has mount options from familiar manufacturers such as Cooke, RED, Rokinon, Sony, and Zeiss. Discover how easy switching lenses can be, and take the shots you want without emptying your savings account.

    Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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