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Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
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Video Lighting Modifiers

Video Lighting Modifiers
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    It's easy to think that as long as you have a video camera, you have everything you need to make a great video. Certainly, a camera is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need, and it will suffice in home video situations. When you want a professional touch, you need a few other equipment essentials. BorrowLenses has all of the accessories you require, including light modifiers for videography to have full control over the lighting in every scene. It all just depends on where you're shooting.

    Modifying Light Outdoors

    Light modifiers allow you to adjust the lighting around your video to enhance it or dim it as you see fit. When you're outdoors on a sunny day, the sun is a huge light to try to control. When you need more light, reflectors allow you to light up your model or subject even more. It's more likely that you will need to reduce light while you're outside, however. In this case, scrims, nets, or screens are a great way to block out some of the sun for less light.

    Modifying Light Indoors

    When you're filming indoors, you don't have to worry about the sun; however, you need totally control over your lighting. Scrims and diffusers are great for adjusting indoor lighting, and many can attach directly to your light source. Softboxes and umbrellas are also easy ways to cast light onto your model or subject as needed. Don't forget about your light stands and assistants to hold any reflectors for you.

    Get the Equipment You Need at an Affordable Price

    If you want full control over your videography lighting, you need a lot of equipment. Renting your lighting equipment frees up your budget for other important video projects, and it means you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on something you only need for one shot. BorrowLenses has all of the lighting equipment you need for indoor and outdoor videography and photography.

    Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
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