Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
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Important Things to Consider

• Your rental begins when the first delivery attempt is made. If you do not think you’ll be available for home delivery, please contact us to arrange for delivery to another location.

• Your rental must be returned to its pick up location or postmarked by your shipper before the same day cut-off time. Contact the location you’ll be bringing the return package to in advance to find out what the same day cut-off time is. Remember, local pickup spots and ship centers have varied hours!

• For your security, get a receipt from whoever you are dropping your gear off with for return.


Has there been an emergency? We understand. Please communicate your issue with us as soon as humanly possible so that we may properly address your needs with regards to your order. We are available by email, live chat, and by telephone during standard business hours.

Video Lighting Batteries

Video Lighting Batteries
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    Don't Put Yourself at the Mercy of Your Battery Life

    Imagine being in the middle of the best video shoot of your life, the one that will final validate your filming skills amongst your contemporaries, when you reach the climax of the action, and then suddenly see that annoying little warning light illuminate indicating that your battery is about go dead.

    Anyone who has ever shot a video has had that exact scenario happen to them before. Unfortunately, science has yet to offer up a battery with unlimited life. However, BorrowLenses may be able to offer you the next best thing: access to an unending supply of batteries without having to buy them. By choosing to rent video batteries, you ensure you'll never be stuck without power ever again.

    The BorrowLenses Rental Process

    How does renting camcorder batteries from BorrowLenses work? It's simple:

    • Simply visit www.borrowlenses.com and select from the extensive collection of battery packs and kits.
    • Keep the batteries on hand to quickly swap in and out during your production.
    • Once you're done, place them in the same box they were originally mailed in, and send them back using the return label included.

    Why You Need Extra Batteries

    The temptation that many videographers have is to use their camera time sparingly in order to avoid costs. Yet what happens when you get to a shoot, only to then realize that your one good battery wasn't fully charged, or worse yet, simply isn't working? Or what if a low battery causes your impromptu filming session to be cut short just moments before the perfect shot walks into frame? Having extra batteries on hand effectively eliminates these concerns.

    Don't let a dead battery cut short one of your shoots ever again, especially when renting extra camcorder batteries from BorrowLenses is so easy and convenient. You get all the batteries you'll ever need at a fraction of what it may cost to buy them. What videographer wouldn't want that?

    Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
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