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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Tilt Shift Video Lenses
Tilt Shift Video Lenses
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    New Possibilities With Your Videography

    One trend that has become popular in videography recently is the tilt shift effect. Many hobby filmmakers use tilt shift in order to create the miniature look. That means the subject matter ends up looking like something from a child's model toy set. Filmmakers are able to rent video tilt shift lenses for other artistic purposes in their films as well, such as selective focus. You can get everything you need in order to try out a tilt shift effect by using BorrowLenses for all of your lens needs.

    Change Depth and Perspective

    Historically, tilt shift lenses provided cinematographers with a way to selectively focus on objects that were in the same frame. With selective focus, the audience sees important people or places in a sharper focus. This can help move the narrative along and create points of emphasis. While some video enthusiasts try to create this effect in post production, the most seamless method is to use a tilt shift lens, such as the Schneider 90mm. To make your selective focus even more professional looking, it's recommended to stabilize your camera with a heavy duty tripod.

    Create a Memorable Setting

    For landscape videography, time lapse projects or real estate videos, a tilt shift lens is a great choice to give viewers something that looks memorable. If you're trying to help your audience see all of the operations that go on in a place such as a hospital or an airport, a tilt shift lens can help. For videographers working in realty, filming a home using a tilt shift lens can help bring the structure's entirety into the frame. Creative types looking for a fun way to tell their story can use this type of lens for its miniature effect.

    When you need to expand your methods of capturing moving pictures, BorrowLenses can give you some of the top tools delivered to your door. Affordable rental pricing moves your creativity ahead.

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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