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Get 20% Off Used Gear with Code SAVEONUSED21
Get 20% Off Used Gear with Code SAVEONUSED21
Macro Video Lenses
Macro Video Lenses
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    Focus on the Tiny Details

    If you've always been fascinated with finding out more about the tiny worlds around us in our daily lives, macro videography may be perfect for you. This type of photography goes beyond what is shown on the surface and gives audiences a closer look at the tiniest of details. For hobby videographers, student filmmakers and budding scientists, this type of filmmaking can open up your eyes to an entirely new viewpoint of some of the smallest stages in existence. The only way to capture these images properly is with macro video lenses that give you a close up of these small features. You can get access to this intriguing world by renting a lens like the Sony FE 90mm from BorrowLenses and create a unique video composition.

    Sharpen Your Subject

    Many filmmakers who are trying to sharpen their skills look to practice with macro video lenses. These tools give an extreme focus on everyday objects. If you've never tried to rent macro lenses before, you may want to pair your equipment with some specialized lighting equipment, such as the Canon Speedlite as well. Lighting your subject correctly can help you maintain the sharpest focus and avoid the problems from the limited depth of field a macro close up gives your camera.

    See a Whole New World

    After mastering the basics, then it's time to try filming moving objects, like insects, birds or other small animals. See entire new worlds or learn about the intricate specifics of your favorite bug. Develop ways to turn these views from macro video lenses into a fascinating story, or study your subject even further.

    When you're ready to try something new with your videography skills, look to BorrowLenses to help you get the top accessories for your camera. Get stress-free shipping, so you can get an even faster turnaround time to try out your new talents.

    Get 20% Off Used Gear with Code SAVEONUSED21
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