Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter

  • Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter
  • Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter Detail View
  • Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter
  • Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter

Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter

  • Digitizes 8mm and Super 8 Film
  • Writes 1080p20 MPEG-4 Files to SD Cards
  • Stand-Alone Unit, Does Not Require laptop/Software
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The Wolverine Data Film2Digital MovieMaker Pro is a simple tool to convert your old 8mm and Super 8 reels into Full HD MPEG-4 files (note: your files will not have sound). It works a bit like a normal projector where you mount reels anywhere from 3-9" in diameter and it feeds the played footage onto an empty reel. The feed auto-advances across a moveable bed scanner that accepts both 8mm and Super 8 film. With this converter, simply insert an SD card up to 32GB and the Wolverine will scan your footage frame-by-frame on its light table as the reels run. Here are some of the other great benefits of this converter:

  • Stand-alone machine that doesn't require pairing with a computer or special software.
  • Offers a TV-out port to display your footage instantly to a wide audience.
  • 2.4" LCD screen and menu with options to control exposure, sharpness, and frame adjustment (X/Y shifting).
  • Option to read off the SD card directly to your computer with the USB cable. The SD in the Wolverine will be read as an external drive to pull files from.
  • Cables are included to connect this scanner to a computer or TV.

With the high cost of digitizing film, plus the danger of shipping original footage to services via mail, the Wolverine Data Film2Digital MovieMaker Pro 8mm and Super 8 converter is the ideal tool for finally backing up and preserving your precious old reels. It's also a great way to have instant digital versions of your footage if you happen to be playing around with creating new content with old film.

  • 3.53MP 1/3" CMOS Sensor
  • 2304 x 1536px, Full HD 1080p/20 FPS, MPEG-4 Files
  • Accepts 3-9" Reels, Positive or Negative 8mm/Super 8 Film
  • Writes to SD Cards Up to 32GB (Memory Cards Not Included)
  • Reads SD Files to Computer via USB 2.0 (Or Use Your Own Reader)
  • 120" x 65" x 44", 3.6 lbs

  • MovieMaker Pro
  • AC Power Adapter
  • 5" Reel for Feeding Your Played Footage To
  • 2 x Reel Adapters for Different-Sized Reels
  • Cleaning Brush for Light Table
  • TV-Out Cable for Viewing
  • Mini USB Cable for Reading SD Files (Memory Cards Not Included, SD Cards Required, Converter Has No Internal Memory)
  • Carrying Case

  • This converter only accepts SD cards up to 32GB (memory cards not included).
  • This converter only accepts 8mm or Super 8 reels up to 9" diameter.
  • To clean any part of this converter, please only use a non-alcohol, lint-free dry cloth. This item cannot get wet.
  • Reels that are wound too tightly may have to be played and rewound a few times before digitizing to get the best results.
  • Sometimes 8mm films will be slightly larger than standard and have a hard time advancing through the converter. If this happens, keep the flap door slightly open to prevent jamming per this trick from Wolverine Data.

There is no manual for this product

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