Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Kit

  • Westcott Scrim Jim Reflector Kit 72x72

Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Kit

  • Silver/White Bounce Fabric + diffuser
  • Modular Frame
  • Easy Tear-Apart Design
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For an updated version of this scrim kit with improved modularity and more durable materials, please see the Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Cine Kit.

The Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Kit is a 6' square lighting modifier that comes with a reversible silver/white fabric and a diffuser panel. Fasten your scrim to the frame and position for a wide variety of applications: light softening, light bouncing, sun diffusing, as a backdrop, and more. It is useful for both photographers and videographers.

  • Reversible Silver/White Fabric
  • 3/4-Stop Softening diffuser
  • Aluminum Break-Apart Frame

  • 6' Westcott Scrim Jim Silver/White Bounce Fabric
  • 6' 3/4-Stop diffuser
  • 4 x 46" Frame Tubes
  • 4 x 22" Frame Tubes
  • 4 x 2D Corner Connectors
  • 4 x 2" Straight Connectors
  • Carrying case

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