Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Cine Kit

  • Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Cine Kit

Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Cine Kit

  • Silver/White Bounce Fabric + diffuser
  • Modular Frame
  • Easy Tear-Apart Design
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The Westcott 6x6 Scrim Jim Cine Kit is a 6' square lighting modifier that comes with a reversible silver/white fabric and a diffuser panel. Fasten your scrim to the frame and position for a wide variety of applications: light softening, light bouncing, sun diffusing, as a backdrop, and more. It is useful for both photographers and videographers.

  • Double-Laminated Reversible Silver/White Fabric
  • 3/4-Stop Softening diffuser
  • Aluminum Break-Apart Frame
  • Strong Touch-Fastener Lining

  • 6' Westcott Scrim Jim Cine Silver/White Bounce Fabric
  • 6' 3/4-Stop diffuser
  • 4 x 46" Frame Tubes
  • 4 x 22" Frame Tubes
  • 4 x 2D Corner Connectors
  • 4 x 2" Straight Connectors
  • Carrying case

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