Westcott 1x1 Flex Bi-Color 2-Light Kit

  • Westcott 1x1 Flex Bi-Color 2-Light Kit
  • Westcott 1x1 Flex Bi-Color with Dimmer


Westcott 1x1 Flex Bi-Color 2-Light Kit

  • Includes 2 Bendable, Splash-Proof LED Mats
  • Includes 7' Light stands, Scrims
  • Includes 2 Batteries
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The Westcott 1x1 Flex Bi-Color 2-Light Kit combines the splashproof flexibility of the Westcott Flex with a portable version of the sturdy Scrim Jim. These 1x1 panels bend, curve, resist water and, when framed up, can attach to a myriad of mount hardware and be hung or stood almost anywhere. This rental includes 2 x 16' dimmer extension cables so that you can control the lighting from a very good distance away from your scene and the included D-tap cables and batteries give you wireless freedom for nearly 3 hours. Rounding out this all-inclusive kit are 2 x light stands, socket adapters, a diffusion panel, and a convenient rolling hard case. This kit is ideal for photographers and videographers alike but is especially well suited for videographers who need to add natural-looking artificial light to areas of a scene too small or cumbersome for regular LED panels.


Light Source: LED Array
Power/Brightness: 1900-2100 Lux at 3.3'
Flash Duration: Continuous
Temperature: 2800-6000K
Power Consumption: 55W
Operating Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz / 13-28V DC
Controls: Dimming, Temperature
CRI: 95-98
Weight: Approximately 50 lbs
Additional Features:

  • 0.25" Thickness
  • Splashproof Rating IP 64


  • 2 x 1x1 Flex Bi-Color LED Mat
  • Digital Dimmer Module
  • Power Adapter and Cord
  • 2 x 16' Dimmer Extension Cables
  • 2 x Flex D-Tap Cable
  • 2 x Li-Ion Batteries
  • 5' Flex to D-Tap Power Cable
  • Charger
  • 8 x 10" Scrim Jim Cine Frame Tubes
  • 8 x Scrim Jim Cine 2D Corner Frame Connectors
  • 2 x Portable Softboxes
  • 2 x Softbox Baffles
  • 4 x IEC-13 Cables
  • 1/4-Stop Diffusion Panel
  • 2 x Universal Studs
  • 2 x Dual-Socket Magic Arms
  • 2 x 7' Compact Light Stands
  • Rolling Carrying Case

  • This kit is powered with both AC wall cables and wirelessly with included D-tap cables that connect to (2) Lithium Ion batteries, also included. The batteries take about 3.5 hours to charge and will run your lights for about 2.75 hours. Charge indicator lights will tell you your power status. The D-tap cable is 40" long.

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