Rhino ROV 16in Smartphone Slider

  • Rhino ROV 16in Smartphone Slider
  • Rhino ROV 16in Smartphone Slider Closeup


Rhino ROV 16in Smartphone Slider

  • 16" Travel, 5 lb Payload
  • Center Mounting with 1/4-20", 3/8-16" Thread
  • Folding Legs, Folding Phone Holder
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The Rhino ROV 16" Smartphone Slider allows you to capture motion footage using your smartphone. This fully motorized system pairs seamlessly with Rhino's ROV Motion app (required) and has a long-lasting built-in battery so that you can record for up to 24 hours. This is a great tool for time lapses, online projects, or anything that requires you to travel light without sacrificing dynamic footage. This slider is also suitable for cameras up to 5 lbs.

Load Capacity: 5 lbs
Material: Aluminum
Rail Length: 25"
Total Travel Distance: 16"
Additional Features:

  • Carriage with 3/8"-16 Thread
  • 1/4-20" and 3/8-16" Thread Center Mounting
  • Folding Feet, Folding Phone Holder
  • .18"-.47" Per Second Travel Speeds (Smartphone)
  • .25"-1.42" Per Second Travel Speeds (Camera)

  • Rhino ROV 16" Smartphone Slider
  • Smartphone Mount
  • Built-In 2550mAH Lithium Ion Battery
  • 3' USB to Micro USB Cable with USB Wall Charger
  • Carrying Case

  • The Rhino ROV 16" Smartphone Slider cannot be controlled manually. It must be used with the ROV Motion app.
  • To tighten the belt, use a 1.5mm hex wrench and tighten the screws on the carriage where the belt ends are located.
  • To hard reset the slider, locate two small recessed buttons on the inner side of where the power button is located. A paperclip or eyeglasses screwdriver may be required. A hard reset may be required when the power button is red, the unit somehow froze, or there is clicking when the carriage reaches the end of the slider.

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