Rhino High Torque Slider Motor

  • Rhino High Torque Slider Motor


Rhino High Torque Slider Motor

  • Compatible with Arc II
  • 10 lb Payload at 90° Angle, Travels 1"/Second
  • Comes with Motor Cables
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The Rhino High Torque Slider Motor is slower, steadier, and has higher torque than the standard High Speed Motor included on the Rhino Arc II Carbon Fiber 24" Slider Bundle nd Rhino Arc II Pro 42" Slider Bundle. It will support loads up to 15 lbs on inclines up to 45° and loads up to 10 lbs on verticals reaching 90°. Because it is smoother than the standard motor, it is recommended for macro shots.

Load Capacity: 10 lbs at 90° Angle, 15 lbs Up to 45° Angle
Dimensions: 4.25" x 3" x 3.25"
Weight: 1.5 lbs

  • Rhino High Torque Slider Motor
  • 24" Motor Cable
  • 42" Motor Cable

  • This motor is designed specifically to work with the Arc II and will not work with any slider equipped with the Arc I. It will not operate at a sufficient speed or noise level if you attempt to use with Arc I, particularly for any incline shots.
  • You always want the motor at the top of your incline. Your Arc II will need to be level and a leveling plate or some kind of ballhead will need to be positioned between your slider's carriage and the Arc II at all times when using this motor.
  • When using this motor, you might need to adjust the belt tension on your slider. If the belt is too loose, you will notice clicking sounds and slipping of the carriage. The belt can be adjusted underneath the carriage.

There is no manual for this product

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