Rhino Focus V2

  • Rhino Focus V2
  • Rhino Focus V2 Mounted to Arc II Example


Rhino Focus V2

  • 2x Torque & Speed of Prior Model
  • .8 Gear Pitch Compatibility
  • Allows Focus Keyframe with Arc II on Slider/Tripod
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The Rhino Focus V2 is an electronic follow focus unit for the Rhino Arc II. It allows you to keyframe your focus when using your Arc II on a slider or tripod. The gearing is adjustable from the outside of the unit so you can dial in your backlash easily. This unit comes with a carbon fiber mini mounting rod that slides into your Arc II and is plugged in via the included motor cable. It also comes with an adjustable rubber gear to use with non-geared lenses.

Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 2"
Weight: 7 oz
Additional Features: Includes Gear, Mounting Rod, and Motor Cable

  • Rhino Focus V2
  • Focus Motor Cable
  • 15mm Carbon Fiber Rod
  • Adjustable Rubber 0.8 Gear for Non-Geared Lenses
  • Carrying Case

  • This focus unit will operate on most lenses but it is not compatible with Fly By Wire lenses.
  • Pairing the Sony a6300 (or similar) with a Zeiss CP.2 (or similar) requires a riser (not included).
  • The distance between the body of your camera and the focus ring on your lens must be under 7".
  • Short lenses on a Panasonic GH camera may not line up right with this focus unit because of the way the hand grip is designed on those cameras. A battery grip or a riser (not included) may solve the issue.

There is no manual for this product

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