Profoto 500W/s D2 Kit

  • Profoto 500W/s D2 Kit
  • Profoto 500W/s D2 Back Panel


Profoto 500W/s D2 Kit

  • Includes 2 x D2 Strobe Heads, 16' Sync Cables, Carrying Case
  • 500W/s Per Light, 1/8000 High Speed Sync Mode, 1/63000 Freeze Mode
  • AC Powered, Light Stands Required
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The Profoto 500W/s D2 Kit consists of two high-powered, ultra-fast monolights, sync cables, power cables, and a handy carrying case. Building on the high quality of the popular D1 model, the D2s are equipped with an enhanced LCD screen display that flips around according to the position of the light for easy reading when doing overhead lighting. Fire off 20 flashes per second in Quick Burst Mode with these lights, which is ideal for lighting while capturing action. There is also a special freeze Mode that delivers flash durations as fast as 1/63,000th of a second for capturing liquid sprays, bullets firing, and other super-high-speed effects. As of this writing, this makes the D2 monolight among the fastest in the industry.

Power ranges from 1W/s for just a tiny hint of light all the way to 500W/s. This all can be controlled via the optional Profoto Air remote. Enjoy TTL triggering with the Air remote up to 330' away or up to 1000' with non-TTL triggering. Alternatively, use your own radio triggers and connect via the sync input on each light or fire optically in receiver mode. If you do not have your own triggers or do not want to rent them, your rental does come with long PC Sync cables to connect directly to your camera (ensure that your camera has a PC Sync In port). Please note that to activate High Speed Sync Mode, you need to use an Air remote, which is not included.

The shape of the strobes, with their built-in protective reflectors, accommodate the Profoto HR speedring and the Profoto RFi speedring, which attach to a variety of rod-based light modifiers (not included). There is also a shaft on each strobe to accommodate umbrellas. These strobes are not compatible with OFC modifiers. Please also note that they are not battery powered. They come with long AC power cables. The Profoto 500W/s D2 Kit is a great option for photographers of sports, portraits, high-speed effects, and products.


Max Power: 500W/s Per Monolight
Flash Duration: 1/2,600 Max - 1/63,000 Min
Recycle Time: 0.03-0.6 Seconds
Power Range: Approximately 1W/s to 500W/s in 1/10 Stop Increments
Operating Voltage: 120-230V AC
Sync Speed: 1/250, 1/8000 (HSS)
Dimensions (Per Light): 7.1 x 5.1 x 12.2"
Weight (Per Light): 6.6 lbs
Additional Features: 

  • Protective Reflector
  • 300W Tungsten Modeling Lamp
  • Built-In Receiver Cell for Profoto Air, Radio, Optical, and Sync Cable
  • 1000' Wireless Range
  • Fan-Cooled



  • 2 x D2 500W/s Air Monolights with 300W Modeling Lamps
  • 2 x 16' Power Cables
  • 1 x Long PC Sync Cable
  • Carrying Case

  • This kit does not come with light stands.
  • High Speed Sync mode is enabled via an Air remote, which is not included. Press "Sync" until "Hi-S" is shown. For Nikon users, make sure Auto FP is enabled (on some models, you are still limited to 1/320th of a second).

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