Profoto C1 Plus

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Profoto C1 Plus

  • Ultra Portable Studio Light
  • Flash + LED in One
  • Rechargeable & Lasts 2,000 Pops or 40 LED Mins (Full Power)
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The Profoto C1 Plus is a palm-sized 2-in-1 light that creates beautiful results thanks to its round shape and wide temperature range. Choose between flash firing or continuous LED to adapt to both photography and videography applications. It is compatible with Profoto AirTTL remotes (not included) and the Profoto app. It comes with a dome diffuser and the click-on magnetic mount allows easy attachment of a wide variety of other C1 modifiers. A built-in 1/4"-20 port at the bottom of the unit makes it easy to mount to stands. This pocketable light will last for approximately 2,000 full-power flash pops or about 40 minutes of full-power continuous LED. Easily recharge it in under 2 hours via USB. The C1 Plus is the ideal travel companion for portrait artists and interviewers.

Light Source: Flash + LED
Power/Brightness: 1700 Lux at 3.3' (Flash), 140 Lux/280 Lumens Continuous
Flash Duration: Flash + Continuous
Temperature: 3000-6500K
Power: Internal 1500mAh Battery, Runtime 2,000 Flash Pops/40 Minutes LED (Full Power)
Controls: Power Level, Auto Mode/Manual Mode, Profoto Air Compatible with 20 Channels, Up to 1,000' Range
CRI: 90-98
Dimensions: 3.1" Diameter x 2.5" Thick (with Dome)
Weight: 7.34 oz (with Dome)
Additional Features:

  • 1/4"20 Thread for Mounting
  • Click-On Magnetic Mount for Optional Modifiers

  • Profoto C1 Plus
  • Diffuser Dome
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable
  • Carrying Pouch

  • This C1 Plus light has a built-in Air remote receiver and can be wirelessly triggered from a Profoto Air remote or Profoto A1 series flash (not included). If your C1 Plus and a trigger are within 1.5' of each other, disturbances may occur.
  • The C1 Plus is compatible with the Profoto Control App.

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