Hoya 77mm ND 1.2 Filter

  • Hoya 77mm ND 1.2 Filter

Hoya 77mm ND 1.2 Filter

  • 77mm Screw-On Type
  • 1.2 Neutral Density (4-Stop Exposure Reduction)
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The Hoya 77mm ND 1.2 Filter screws onto the front of lenses that have filter threads and are 77mm in diameter. This filter will darken your entire scene by 4 stops and is useful for shooting longer exposures and/or wider apertures in bright conditions with less overexposure risk. It's used primarily for longer exposures of water but has a lot of functional uses for portraits, sports, and more.

  • Size: 77mm
  • Type: Round, Screw-On
  • Effect: 1.2 Neutral Density (4-Stop Exposure Reduction, 16x Factor)
  • Material: Glass with Aluminum Ring
  • No Coloration, Front-Threaded and Stackable

  • Hoya 77mm ND 1.2 Filter
  • Carrying case

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