MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Flash Kit  Rental

  • MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Flash Kit

MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Flash Kit  Rental

  • Fits Most On-Camera (~2.5" Wide) Flashes
  • Collapses for 3 Spotlight Patterns
  • Includes MagBeam Tele Lens, Magnetic MagGrip
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The MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Flash Kit fits most standard Speedlight-style flashes thanks to an elastic silicone rubber material that stretches over the flash head and connects to other MagMod accessories with magnets, making it fast to switch out modifiers. This kit comes with the following:

  • MagBeam, which can be extended and collapsed in 3 distinct sizes to create different spotlight patterns.
  • Tele Lens, which connects to the MagBeam and delivers an additional 2-3 stops of light from your flash (flash not included).
  • MagGrip, which is compatible with other MagMod accessories that connect using magnets.

The MagMod MagBeam Wildlife Flash Kit is perfect for stretching the limits of your small flash to light subjects that are further away, such as birds.

  • MagGrip Stretches Over 2.5" Wide Flashes, Stacks with MagMod System with Magnets
  • MagBeam Holds the Tele Lens and Collapses/Extends to 3 Positions
  • Tele Lens Provides Additional 2-3 Stops from Your Flash

  • MagGrip
  • MagBeam
  • Tele Lens
  • Carrying Case

  • Not compatible with Profoto A1/A1X flashes. This is designed more for traditional flashes with rectangular faces. It will also not work with the Godox V1 flashes.
  • This kit does not include a flash.

There is no manual for this product

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