Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit

  • Interfit Honey Badger 320W/s 2-Light Kit
  • Interfit Honey Badger Flash Head Detail

Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit

    Kit Includes:
  • 2 x Honey Badger 320Ws Strobes with Remote
  • 2 x 24" Softboxes
  • 7.6' Stands
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The Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit is a fairly portable and no-fuss strobe kit for portraits, events, workshops, and more. Here are some of the key features:

  • Includes 2 strobe heads, 2 softboxes, 2 lightstands, and a remote everything you need to get up and running with 2-point lighting.
  • Short flash durations as quick as 1/900th of a second for freezing action.
  • Strobe heads are equipped with industry-popular Bowens S-mount front mounting to accommodate S-mount modifiers from a variety of brands, including Aputure.
  • Impressive 7-stop power range from 5Ws to 320Ws, plus a flicker-free LED modeling lamp.
  • Included remote has 15 channels in 8 control groups and will operate up to 320' away.

The small form factor of these heads makes this a great choice for traveling as well as for the home studio.


Max Power: 320Ws Per Flash Head
Flash Duration: 1/900
Recycle Time at 100%: 1 Second
Power Range: 7 Stops in 1/10-Stop Increments (5Ws-320Ws)
Head Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 6"
Head Weight: 3 lbs
Additional Features:

  • 60W LED Modeling Lamps
  • Included Transmitter Also Provides Wireless Power Adjustments (Up to 328')
  • Syncs Up to 1/250th of a Second
  • Color Stable at 5600K with +/- 200K Variation


  • 2 x Interfit Honey Badger 320W/s Compact Flash Heads
  • 2 x Glass Domes, Lamp Covers
  • 2 x 13' AC Cables
  • 11" 1/8-PC Sync Cable
  • 2 x 24" x 24" Softboxes with Removable Inner/Outer Diffusers
  • Universal Interfit S1 Manual Remote
  • 2 x 7.6' Light Stands
  • Carrying Case

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