Godox MS300 3-Light Studio Flash Kit

  • Godox MS300 3-Light Studio Flash Kit
  • Godox MS300 Head Panel

Godox MS300 3-Light Studio Flash Kit

  • Includes 3 MS300 Flash Heads, Transmitter/Receiver, 3 Light stands
  • Includes 1 Umbrella, 2 Softboxes, 1 reflector Hood
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The Godox MS300 3-Light Studio Flash Kit is an affordable all-in-one designed for events, portraits, and more. It has everything you need to cover groups and individuals alike. You get 3 strobes, 7' light stands, a reflector, an umbrella, and 2 softboxes. The included shoe-mountable transmitter allows you to wirelessly trigger the lights from your camera and also adjust power levels up to 328' away (in ideal conditions). With 50-step adjustable power levels, you can design your lighting with precision. The 150W modeling lamps are also adjustable from 5-100% brightness. There is a large, easy-to-read Lcd panel on the back of each strobe head and the heads are compatible with widely-available Bowens S-Mount speedrings and modifiers. These flash heads are 11" long including the modeling bulb and reflector, so they are fairly portable compared to our other Godox kits and everything comes in a large roller case for easy transport. The MS300 3-Light Studio Flash Kit is a great value, providing 3 strobes and a variety of modifiers. This is a great kit for photo booths, studio work, students, corporate headshots, and more.

  • Max Power: 300W/s Per Flash Head

  • Flash Duration: 1/2,000 Max - 1/800 Min

  • Recycle Time at 100%: 1.8 Seconds

  • Power Range: Variable from 1/32 to 1/1

  • 150W Modeling Lamps (20-Step Variable Output)

  • Operating Voltage: 100-120V AC

  • Built-In 2.4G Transmission for Included Transmitter/Receiver (1/250 Sync Speed, Up to 32 Channels/16 Groups)

  • Included Transmitter Also Provides Wireless Power Adjustments (Up to 164')
  • Color Stable at 5600K with +/- 200K Variation

  • Head Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 11.1"
  • Head Weight: 5.73 lbs

  • (3) Godox MS300 Flash Heads

  • (1) standard reflector Hood

  • (1) 40" Umbrella (White Interior)
  • (2) 23.6 x 35.4" Softboxes with (2) Bowens S-Mount speedrings
  • (8) Rods for Softboxes
  • (2) Clip-On Inner Softbox diffusers
  • (2) Velcro Outer Softbox diffusers
  • (3) 7' Light stands

  • (3) 150W Modeling Lamps
  • (3) Lamp Covers
  • Godox XT16 Wireless Power-Control Flash Transmitter and Receiver

  • Note: Transmitter is compatible with nearly any camera so long as it has a hot shoe with a center pin.
  • (3) 10' AC Cables

  • (1) Long 1/8-PC Sync Cable

  • Carrying case (Wheeled)

  • MS Series Flash Head manual
  • Godox XT-16 Wireless Power-Control Flash Transmitter/Receiver manual
  • It is normal for the lamps to be warm when in use. Please wait for cooldown to reattach covers.
  • This is not a battery-powered system. You must use AC power to operate.
  • The trigger requires 2 AA batteries, which are not included.
  • A note for Canon users: This trigger should be compatible with any Canon camera, provided it has a hot shoe with a center pin, or x-sync connector. The Rebel SL3 does not have x-sync.
  • After 30 continuous flashes at full power, the flash should be cooled down for about 3 minutes.

There is no manual for this product

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