Fuji EF-X500 Flash

  • Fuji EF-X500 Flash
  • Fuji EF-X500 Flash
  • Fuji EF-X500 Flash


Fuji EF-X500 Flash

  • Fuji TTL Compatible
  • Buiilt-In LED
  • Wireless Optical Transmission with Other X500s
  • Rotating Head
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The Fuji EF-X500 Flash attaches to your Fuji's hot shoe and can be used as an on-camera flash or act as an optical transmitter to off-camera EF-X500 units. This flash supports optical wireless control as a transmitter or a receiver unit but optical transceivers must be in line-of-sight of each other. The transceiver is located near the base of the flash unit's body. The heads can be rotated as needed. This flash does not support sync cables and is not a good candidate for use with Pocket Wizards/other radio poppers. Other features include a high-speed option for syncing with fast shutter speeds (select cameras only) and a built-in LED. This is a convenient lighting solution for travel and events.


Guide Number: 164.04' (Tested at ISO 100, 105mm)
Color Temperature: Approximately 5600K
Zoom Range: 24mm-105mm (16-70mm for APS-C) / Use Built-In Diffusion Panel for 20-24mm (10-16mm for APS-C)
Modes: i-TTL, Manual, FP Mode (High Speed with Select cameras), Front Curtain, Rear Curtain
Power: 1/1-1/512
Recycle Time: 2.5-3.9 Seconds
Wireless Options: Optical Only (Up to 33' with Line-of-Sight)
Channel/Group Options: Up to 4 Channels, Up to 3 Groups
Height: 4.9"
Weight: 13.5 oz
Additional Features:

  • 315° Head
  • LED AF Assist
  • 3 Illumination Patterns
  • Weather Resistant


  • Fuji EF-X500 Flash
  • Built-In Catchlight Panel/Bounce Card
  • Built-In Wide Panel
  • Duffuser
  • Flash Foot
  • Carrying Case

  • This flash requires 4 AA batteries to operate and they are not included. This flash also accepts an EF-BP1 battery pack but it is also not included. Alkaline AA batteries will last approximately 130 pops while Ni-MH AA batteries will last approximately 170 pops.
  • This flash will automatically adjust to your lens' focal length. It is not recommended that you use any lenses that are outside the 24-105mm range (16-70mm for APS-C). Please use the attached wide panel for focal lengths as short at 20mm (10mm for APS-C).
  • Keep the flash off when mounting or dismounting it from the camera's hot shoe. Failure to do so may short the hot shoe contacts.
  • The flash may display a temperature warning and temporarily suspend operation after being fired multiple times in succession.

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