Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octabox

  • Elinchrom 39in Deep Octa Softbox
  • Elinchrom Rotalux 39in Deep Octabox Deflector
  • Elinchrom Rotalux 39in Deep Octabox Speedring
  • Elinchrom Rotalux 39in Deep Octabox Interior

Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octabox

    Rent an Elinchrom Rotalux 39" Deep Octabox. BorrowLenses provides rentals for professional photographers, videographers, and photography/videography hobbyists.
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The Elinchrom Rotalux Deep Octabox behaves like a typical octa softbox with two key differences: it is deeper than the average octa and is equipped with a deflector, making this modifier behave like a large beauty dish combined with a softbox. With the diffusers removed it acts like a large reflector, making this a very versatile lighting tool. The 39" (3.25') size is large enough for groups of 2-3 people but it is ideal for 1 person. It produces soft light but is also able to create a lot of contrast in a subject. This ocatbox rental comes with a speedring, but it is only compatible with Elinchrom light heads. If you'd like to use this deep octa with a Profoto or Aputure light head, please also rent one of the following (we cannot offer substitutions for the speedring in this kit):

  • 39" Around and 25.6" Deep
  • Silver Interior

  • White Deflector
  • Supported with 8 Rods
  • Removable Inner Baffle
  • Weight: 2.5 lbs

  • (1) 39" Octa Softbox

  • (1) Rotalux speedring for Elinchrom Heads

  • (1) Inner diffuser

  • (1) Outer diffuser

  • (1) Deflector

  • (1) Deflector Stem and Lock Screw

  • (8) Rods

  • Carrying case

There is no manual for this product

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