Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video  Rental

  • Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video

Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video  Rental

  • Supported by All Major Video Editing Software, Including DaVinci Resolve, 3DLUT Creator
  • Includes Video Color Target, Focus Target, Grayscale Card, White Balance Card
  • Stores Inside Pocket-Sized Hard Case
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$23.007 Day Rental
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The Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video consists of a Video Color Target, a Focus Target, a Grayscale Card, and a White Balance Card all inside a convenient self-standing case that adjusts to multiple positions so that you can place your target exactly where it needs to be. Here are the features of this kit:

Video Color Target
This target has 6 chromatic color chips aligned with video production, 6 skin tones chips, 6 gray balance chips, and 6 highlight/shadow chips. The grayscale chips run vertically, which matches a waveform monitor's display much better than a horizontal scale does. The chromatic and skin tone chips match the video spectrum and line up with the target axis on a vectorscope.

White Balance Target
Creating your own in-camera neutral point balances your footage and makes editing smoother. It will help you eliminate color casts, improve color previewing, and eliminated the need to color correct each frame later.

Grayscale Target
This target includes white highlight, 40 IRE midtone gray, and saturated high gloss black reference patches to achieve perfect exposure. These patches allow you to evaluate your exposure to prevent clipped highlights and protect your shadow detail.

Focus Target
Confirm your lens' flange focus and back focus distance. You can also compare your lens set's sharpness overall in comparison to one another.

With compatibility with all major video editing software, the Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Video is an essential 4-in-1 tool that will help reduce workload in post production.

  • Grayscale Target with White, 40 IRE Gray, High Gloss Black
  • Video Color Target with 6 Chromatic Chips, 6 Skin Tone Chips, 6 Gray Chips, 6 Highlight/Shadow Chips 
  • White Balance Target for Custom, Consistent Neutral Point
  • Focus Target for Calibrating Back/Front Focus Issues

  • Video Color Target
  • White Balance Target
  • Grayscale Target
  • Focus Target
  • Passport Case

  • Avoid touching color patches or exposing to bright light for long periods.
  • Calibrite is a re-branding of X-Rite.

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