B+W 95mm Circular Polarizing Filter

  • B+W 95mm Circular Polarizing Filter


B+W 95mm Circular Polarizing Filter

  • 95mm Screw-On Type
  • Circular Polarizer
  • Kaesemann High Transmission Optics
  • Front-Threaded & Stackable
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The B+W 95mm Circular Polarizing Filter arranges and filters polarized light perpendicularly to the reflected light resulting in a reduction in glare and reflections and an increase in saturation in skies and foliage. The effect is strongest when used at a 90° angle from the sun. Unlike with linear polarizers, a circular polarizer won't disrupt AE and AF functions. This filter will reduce your overall exposure by 1-1.5 stops. It's used for water shots, wildlife, landscapes, and any other subject where you need to cut glare and add richness to greens and blues.

Size: 95mm
Type: Round, Screw-On
Effect: Circular Polarizer (Reduces Reflections, 2-2.8x Filter Factor, Up to 1.5-Stop Exposure Reduction)
Material: High Transmission Schott Glass with Multi-Resistant Coating
Additional Features:

  • 11.7mm Ring
  • Clears Up Haze, Reduces Reflections/Glare, Enhances Blues/Greens
  • Front-Threaded and Stackable

  • B+W 95mm Circular Polarizing Filter
  • Case

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