BlackRapid Sport Right-Handed Strap

  • BlackRapid Sport Right-Handed Strap

BlackRapid Sport Right-Handed Strap

  • Cross-Body Strap for Right-Handed Shooters
  • 4" Moisture-Wicking Shoulder Pad
  • Spring-Loaded Bumper Lock Connection
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The BlackRapid Sport Right-Handed Strap is designed to drape from your left shoulder down to your right hip, with your camera hanging upside from the spring-loaded bumper lock that connects via the 1/4"-20 port. This allows you to quickly and comfortably raise the camera up in a natural way. The connector can also be used on lens collars/feet with 1/4"-20 mounting ports.

The strap is adjustable between 36"-65.7" and is made of a moisture-wicking nylon webbing. It is 1" wide with a 4" wide shoulder pad. The carabiner that pairs the camera connector to the strap comes with a specially-designed protector to prevent accidental unlocking of the carabiner while also helping to prevent scratching your camera or lens. This strap also comes with a stabilizing mini-strap that adds security to the left shoulder and prevents twisting but this can be removed if it's at all uncomfortable.

The BlackRapid Sport Right-Handed Strap is ideal for any shooter who prefers having their camera on their right hip (regardless of if you're actually right-handed). If you prefer to lift your camera up from the left hip, please see the BlackRapid Sport Left-Handed strap.

Length: 36"-65.7"
Width: 1" (Main Strap), 2.5"-4" (Shoulder Pad)
Material: Nylon
Additional Features:

  • Drapes from Left Shoulder to Right Hip
  • Connects via 1/4"-20
  • Removable Stabilizing Strap


  • BlackRapid Sport Right-Handed Breathe Camera Strap
  • BlackRapid Brad Breathe Stabilizing Strap
  • Lockstar Breathe Carabiner Protector/CR-3 ConnectR
  • BlackRapid FR-5 FastenR Breathe (1/4"-20 Mount and Integrated D-Ring)
  • Carrying Pouch

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