Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox  Rental

  • Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox
  • Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox Closeup

Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox  Rental

  • Hangs Between Bowens-Mount Reflector & Light
  • Beautiful 360° Beam
  • Zip-Away Bottom Diffuser
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$10.007 Day Rental
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The Angler Cylinder Omni Softbox is the ideal overhead modifier to give you soft, even 360° lighting to lift your entire ambient exposure or eliminate any wayward shadows. It works by being sandwiched between your Bowens-mount reflector and your light and is designed to be hung straight down from a C-stand arm. The bottom zips away if you need a little more direct punch. Note that this does not come with a reflector and you must use the one for your Aputure or Godox light (or any light that uses a Bowens-style mount reflector dish).

Dimensions: 18"⌀ x 28"L
Material: Polyester
Shape: Circular 
Weight: 8.8 oz

  • COL-BOW Cylinder Omni Softbox for Bowens Mount LED Fixtures
  • Carrying Pouch

  • This is a diffuser only and doesn't come with a speedring. It is held in place using your own reflector, sandwiched between the modifier and your light fixture. This is the COL-BOW version of this modifier and not the COL-1212, which is for 1x1 panels.

There is no manual for this product

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