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Why You Should Use a Video Recorder on Set

Video recorders serve as crucial tools in the realm of videography and filmmaking. They offer a range of benefits that enhance the quality, efficiency, and creative potential of your video productions. Video recorders, such as the Atomos Ninja V+, Blackmagic Video Assist, Atomos Shogun, or Sumo, excel in capturing higher-quality footage and enabling advanced recording formats. Here are just a few of the major benefits of video recorders:

Enhanced Recording Qualit
Video recorders often provide superior recording quality compared to standard camera codecs. This results in sharper details, richer colors, and improved dynamic range.

Advanced Recording Format
Certain recorders, when paired with compatible cameras like the Canon EOS R5, R5 C, and Nikon Z7 II, enable recording in formats such as ProRes Raw or Blackmagic RAW. These formats provide heightened flexibility in post-production color grading and manipulation.

Offloading Camera Wor
Using a video recorder can ease the load on your camera, preventing overheating and prolonging its lifespan during extended shoots.

Dual Recording
Many recorders can simultaneously record a high-quality master file and a compressed proxy file. This simplifies editing and speeds up the post-production workflow.

External Monitoring
Video recorders often come with built-in monitors or can be connected to external monitors. This enables accurate monitoring of your footage in real time, ensuring optimal focus and exposure.

Live Multicam Productio
Video recorders with multiple inputs enable live switching and multicamera production setups, making them invaluable for events and live streaming. Utilizing tools like the Atomos AtomX Cast can significantly expand the range of possibilities for dynamic live streaming scenarios. 

Is it Possible to Connect My Camera to a Video Recorder?

Most modern mirrorless and DSLR cameras can connect to external monitors and video recorders. They typically feature HDMI or SDI ports which facilitate the connection between the camera and the recorder. Figuring out which cable you need is as simple as identifying the output port options your camera has and matching them to the input ports on the monitor. If you're unsure, please reach out to our customer service department 7AM-5PM PST, Monday-Friday at (844) 853-6737 (option 3). 

By incorporating video recorders into your workflow, you can elevate the overall quality of your videos, streamline your production process, and unlock new creative possibilities. Whether you're a professional videographer or an aspiring filmmaker, video recorders open up avenues to capture and deliver stunning visuals.