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Ikan Elite V2 Universal Tablet Teleprompter
$77.777 Day Rental


Wolverine 8mm/Super 8 Converter
$60.007 Day Rental


Elmo MX-P2 Presenter/Document Camera
$60.007 Day Rental

Pacific Image

Pacific Image PowerFilm Scanner
$120.007 Day Rental


Epson PowerLite 2250U
$180.007 Day Rental

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Pacific Image Prime Film XAs Scanner
$60.007 Day Rental
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Why You Should Use Projectors and Scanners for On-Set Productions

Projectors and scanners are indispensable tools in modern filmmaking and on-set productions, offering a range of functionalities that enhance creativity, efficiency, and production quality. From digital projectors for reviewing footage to film scanners for digitizing archival material, each device serves a unique purpose in facilitating seamless workflow and optimizing the visual elements of your projects. Here's why incorporating these tools into your production setup is essential:

Review and Playback

Digital projectors allow for real-time review and playback of footage on set, providing directors, producers, and crew members with instant feedback on the captured material. This enables quick evaluation of performances, framing, and lighting, ensuring that any necessary adjustments can be made promptly.

Visual References

Projectors can also be used to display visual references, storyboards, and mood boards on set, helping to align the creative vision of the team and guide the execution of scenes. This visual communication tool fosters collaboration and ensures that everyone is working towards the same artistic goals.

Screenings and Previews

Projectors are essential for hosting screenings and previews of dailies, rough cuts, and final edits during production. These screenings allow filmmakers to assess the progress of the project, gather feedback from stakeholders, and make informed decisions about the direction of the film.

Film Digitization

Film scanners enable the digitization of analog film footage, slides, and negatives, preserving archival material and making it accessible for digital workflows. This process allows filmmakers to incorporate vintage footage into their projects, achieve a specific aesthetic, or restore old films for modern audiences.

Visual Effects and Projection

Mapping Projectors are used in visual effects production and projection mapping to create immersive environments, dynamic backgrounds, and interactive installations. By projecting images onto three-dimensional surfaces, filmmakers can transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings and bring their creative visions to life.

Workflow Optimization

By integrating projectors and scanners into the production workflow, filmmakers can streamline processes, reduce turnaround times, and enhance overall efficiency. These tools facilitate seamless collaboration between departments, ensuring that visual elements are integrated smoothly into the filmmaking process.

Is it Possible to Integrate Projectors and Scanners into My Production Setup?

Yes, most projectors and scanners are designed to be compatible with standard production equipment and workflows. Whether you're working with digital cameras, film cameras, or computer-based editing systems, there are tools and accessories available to integrate projectors and scanners seamlessly into your production setup.

Incorporating projectors and scanners into your on-set production workflow can significantly enhance the creative potential, efficiency, and production quality of your projects. Whether you're creating films, commercials, or music videos, these versatile tools empower you to visualize, collaborate, and execute your ideas with precision and impact.