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Extra Sony NP-FZ100 Battery
$25.007 Day Rental


Extra Canon LP-E6NH Battery
$23.007 Day Rental


Extra Nikon EN-EL15c Battery
$22.007 Day Rental


Extra Fuji NP-W235 Battery
$20.007 Day Rental


Canon BG-R10 Battery Grip
$45.007 Day Rental


Sony VG-C4EM Battery Grip
$40.007 Day Rental


Sony NP-FZ100 Quad Charger/AC Adapter
$50.007 Day Rental


Extra Fuji NP-W126S Battery
$16.007 Day Rental


Extra Canon BP-A30 Battery
$38.007 Day Rental
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Why You Should Use Power Accessories for On-Set Productions

Power accessories are essential components of any professional videography or filmmaking setup, offering critical functionalities that ensure reliability, continuity, and safety during productions. From batteries and chargers to power distribution systems and generators, each accessory serves a unique purpose in providing stable and uninterrupted power to your equipment. Here's why incorporating these accessories into your production workflow is essential:

Reliable Power Source

Power accessories provide a reliable source of power for your cameras, lights, monitors, and other production equipment, ensuring uninterrupted operation throughout the project. By using high-quality batteries, chargers, and power distribution systems, you can minimize the risk of power failures and downtime on set.

Extended Shooting Time

Batteries and battery packs offer extended shooting time, allowing you to capture footage for longer durations without the need for frequent battery changes or recharging. This is particularly important for on-location shoots or remote productions where access to power outlets may be limited.

Portable Power Solutions

Many power accessories are designed for portability and convenience, making them ideal for on-location shoots and outdoor productions. Portable batteries, power banks, and solar chargers provide flexible power solutions that enable you to shoot in remote locations without relying on grid power.

Redundancy and Backup

Power accessories offer redundancy and backup options to safeguard against unexpected power outages or equipment failures. By having multiple batteries, chargers, and power sources on hand, you can ensure continuity of power and prevent disruptions to your production schedule.

Safe and Efficient Charging

Power accessories include smart chargers and charging stations that provide safe and efficient charging for your batteries. These chargers monitor battery health, prevent overcharging, and optimize charging cycles to prolong battery life and maximize performance.

Scalable Power Solutions

Power distribution systems and generators offer scalable power solutions that can accommodate the needs of large-scale productions and complex setups. These systems provide multiple power outputs and voltage options, allowing you to power multiple devices simultaneously and customize your power distribution according to your specific requirements.

Is it Possible to Integrate Power Accessories into My Production Setup?

Yes, most power accessories are designed to be compatible with a wide range of cameras, lights, and production equipment. Whether you're using DSLRs, cinema cameras, or professional lighting fixtures, there are power accessories available to meet your power requirements and integrate seamlessly into your production setup.

Incorporating power accessories into your on-set production workflow is essential for ensuring reliable, continuous, and safe power supply to your equipment. Whether you're making films, commercials, or documentaries, these versatile tools empower you to focus on capturing great footage without worrying about power-related issues or interruptions.