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Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT Flash
$40.007 Day Rental


Matthews C+ Stand
$25.007 Day Rental


Aputure Light Dome II
$28.007 Day Rental


Manfrotto Light Stand
$25.007 Day Rental


Aputure Light Storm C300d II
$107.007 Day Rental


Canon Speedlite EL-1 Flash
$80.007 Day Rental


Aputure Light Storm C120d II
$70.007 Day Rental


Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight Flash
$45.007 Day Rental


Aputure Light Storm LS 600x Pro
$192.007 Day Rental
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Profoto, Aputure, and Other Top Lighting Brands for Rent

Photographers, vloggers, filmmakers, and multimedia artists, from beginner to advanced, enjoy the convenience and selection of our cameras, lenses, lighting, and production equipment with low (or no) deposits for most rentals. The best part is you have access to the newest lighting equipment when you need it and not just when you've saved enough to buy it. 

Reserve the lighting kit you need for events, gigs, personal projects, and more and have it shipped directly to you! Just use the prepaid return label after you're done. 

What Lighting Type Do I Need for My Next Gig?

Our lighting breaks down into two main categories: continuous and strobe. Branching out from there you have your choice of multi-head (or tube) kits, large and powerful lighting or portable/on-camera styles. We have DMX-compatible lights as well as simple ring lights for vlogging. Here are some of our most popular models:

Profoto B10 Plus
The B10 delivers 10x the power of the common Speedlight-style flash while being still very portable. But this isn't just a flash – it's also equipped with a 150W-equivalent continuous light that's dimmable and color temperature variable.

Aputure Light Storm C300d II
This strong LED features 8 built-in lighting special effects, stepless dimming, and maintains high CRI and color fidelity. It comes with a newly-designed 55° reflector to increase output by more than 3x. 

Profoto 500W/s D2 Kit
The lights in this 2-head kit are equipped with a special freeze mode that delivers flash durations as fast as 1/63,000th of a second for capturing liquid sprays, bullets firing, and other super-high-speed effects.

Aputure MC 4 Light Travel Kit
360° hue adjustment, 100 levels of saturation, 9 special effects, and full CCT control – all inside each of these 4 palm-sized LEDs. This is a great kit for any set, show, or event.

Canon Speedlite EL-1 Flash
This on-camera light represents the next generation of all-purpose flashes with a new and convenient Lithium-Ion battery, incredible exposure range, and much improved menu, controls, and build over prior Speedlites.

Light Shaping and Support Gear

Lighting isn't the only thing to consider – you will want to shape and support your lighting! We have you covered there, too. Here are some top rentals to explore:

Profoto Medium Deep White Umbrella
This easy-to-use modifier has a unique, deep parabolic shape for better control over light spread. This shape allows you to achieve more focused, artful results with less stay light than your typical lighting umbrella.

Aputure Lantern Softbox
One of the most beautifully-shaped modifiers in the industry, the Lantern produces the most even, omnidirectional light thanks to its 270° beam angle. 

Kupo Low Mighty Stand
This is an ultra strong stand with a triple-function universal combo head. Of all our stands, this is the most travel-friendly while still handling a high payload.

Angler CatchLight Reflector
An essential tool for headshots, this 5' wide, U-shaped modifier is used to create a reflective arc around your subject, typically below the chin. It allows you to remove shadows and enhance catchlights without having to add another light source.

Westcott 5x7 Green Screen X-Drop Kit
This polyester green screen can be set up and torn down quite quickly thanks to Westcott's unique X-Drop stand system that folds up to be quite small.

How Renting Camera Equipment Works

Browse our selection, choose your need-by dates in our date picker, select your shipping (all shipments have return labels), and let our professionals handle the rest. Some handy things to know:

1) It's always a good idea to receive your gear well ahead of when your gig begins so that you can get comfortable with your equipment or avoid any weather-related delays with carriers.

2) Your return day is your postmark date – no worrying about calculating transit times when sending stuff back!

3) Take advantage of our UPS shipping locations if you cannot receive your order at home or on set.

4) Rent for a minimum of 3 days – enough to cover a fun weekend event – all the way up to 90 days. Get lenses for less than $20 a week or snag a $12,000 super-tele for a special event for as little as a few hundred dollars over the course of several days. Submitting a project to Netflix? We got you covered with a wide variety of Netflix-approved cameras for a fraction of the retail cost.

Hands-On Customer Service from Real Photographers and Videographers

Our crew are all working professionals and passionate hobbyists themselves. BL gear experts are here to help you, whether it’s troubleshooting equipment compatibility or making adjustments to your reservation. With locations on both the east and west coasts, you will love the quick shipping and expert service at