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GoPro HERO8 Media Mod
$28.007 Days Rental


GoPro HERO9/10 Media Mod
$25.007 Days Rental


Deity Connect 2.4 Ghz Wireless Audio System
$51.007 Days Rental


Deity S-MIC 2 Microphone
$102.007 Days Rental


Deity V-MIC D3 Pro Microphone
$33.007 Days Rental


16in Kondor Blue Mini-XLR Male to XLR Female Cable
$8.007 Days Rental


5ft Kondor Blue Mini-XLR Male to XLR Female Cable
$8.507 Days Rental

Antelope Audio

Axino Synergy Core USB Microphone
$60.007 Days Rental


Azden SGM-250MX Mini-XLR Microphone
$50.007 Days Rental
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Rent Audio

For a fraction of the retail cost, you can experiment with all kinds of audio equipment, plus other camera and multimedia gear, including the following:

Learn more about renting online at BorrowLenses and how to have audio gear shipped to you for less!

Renting Audio with free Shipping: Save Time and Money by Borrowing Microphones, Recorders, and More


Buying the gear you want for each of the types of gigs you do can get very expensive prohibitively so for the hobbyist. But that doesn't mean you should go without trying the latest tech! Here are just a few of the benefits of renting:

  • Convenience when traveling. Leave your personal gear at home and eliminate the risk of it getting broken or stolen.
  • Special occasions. Photographing air shows once a year is the perfect use case for renting vs shelling out upwards of 10K on a super telephoto lens!
  • Gain experience. Don't learn on the job study a piece of gear ahead of time! Rent a camera or lighting kit and get hands-on with it before jumping into a major event assistants, take note!
  • Low-cost testing. Not sure if you want to upgrade or if some certain new shiny system will work with your current accessories? Instead of using credit to purchase something expensive and relying too much on a decent returns policy, why not just borrow the item for as little as dollars a day?

What Audio Gear Should I Use?


With so many microphones, headphones, and recorders to choose from, it might help you to start out exploring these customer favorites:

  • Rode Wireless GO II: This super small wireless audio system consists of a dual channel receiver, 2 transmitters, and 2 clip-on lavalier microphones. In addition to the lavs, the transmitters uniquely are equipped with their own omnidirectional condenser microphones. You can also connect the transmitters directly to your computer and essentially turn your receiver into a wireless usb audio interface.
  • Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones: These over-the-ear style, acoustic design, open-back reference headphones offer very high impedance at 300 Ohms. As such, they have incredibly accurate sound reproduction and are recommended for not only detailed listening of music generally but also for sound editing and mixing.
  • Axino Synergy Core usb Microphone: This is more than a mic it's a unique all-in-one home studio tool that is equipped with faithfully-emulated vintage mic sounds and studio effects, including compressors, EQs, preamps and dynamic processors all modeled after real studio equipment. Experience some of the abilities of expensive and hard-to-access gear all while just using this one mic!
  • Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Studio: This is an all-in-one system for creating high quality podcasts. It combines a mixer, sound effects player, phone tap, and recorder all on 1 board. Record up to 12 tracks along with a stereo mix to your favorite Digital Audio Workstation.
  • Sound Devices MixPre-6 II: Designed with both novice and experienced users in mind, the MixPre-6 supports advanced mixing capabilities such as access to multi-channel recording, advanced settings for metering, routing, Timecode, channel phase invert, delay, headphone presets, and more. It is equipped with 32-bit usb audio streaming, which provides the unique ability to record audio to an SD card while simultaneously streaming multiple channels of audio via usb.
  • Sennheiser EW 122P G4: This camera-mountable system includes a UHF diversity receiver, bodypack transmitter, and ME4 lavalier microphone. It is ideal for video shoots of all kinds, ENG applications, and field recording.

Photographers, vloggers, filmmakers, and multimedia artists, from beginner to advanced, enjoy the convenience and selection of our cameras, lenses, lighting, and production equipment with low (or no) deposits for most rentals. The best part is you have access to the newest technology when you need it and not just when you've saved enough to buy it.

How Renting Audio Works


Browse our selection, choose your need-by dates in our date picker, select your shipping (all shipments have return labels), and let our professionals handle the rest. Some handy things to know:

  • It's always a good idea to receive your gear well ahead of when your gig begins so that you can get comfortable with your equipment or avoid any weather-related delays with carriers.
  • Your return day is your postmark date no worrying about calculating transit times when sending stuff back!
  • Take advantage of our UPS shipping locations if you cannot receive your order at home or on set.
  • Rent for a minimum of 3 days enough to cover a fun weekend event all the way up to 90 days. Get lenses for less than $20 a week or snag a $12,000 super-tele for a special event for as little as a few hundred dollars over the course of several days. Submitting a project to Netflix? We got you covered with a wide variety of Netflix-approved cameras for a fraction of the retail cost.

Hands-On Customer Service from Real Photographers and Videographers


Our crew are all working professionals and passionate hobbyists themselves. BL gear experts are here to help you, whether it's troubleshooting equipment compatibility or making adjustments to your reservation. With locations on both the east and west coasts, you will love the quick shipping and expert service at