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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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    The Hollywood Standard, RED Camera Rental are here at

    Big Hollywood directors, including Michael Bay and David Fincher, have used RED cameras to make some of their biggest blockbuster films. These cameras are not just available to hot-shot Hollywood directors, though. Even filmmaking novices get to embrace RED cameras thanks to rentals from BorrowLenses. Do you like ultra-sensitive sensors, raw recording, and super customizable builds? Then a RED camera is for you. 

    RED rentals are a major part of what we do and we couldn’t be more excited about offering our customers the opportunity to achieve Hollywood-quality results. We carry amazing systems, such as the RED Monstro VV, which sports a high-end sensor with a dynamic range of 17 stops, 35 megapixels, and 8K resolution. All this makes the camera a go-to for the heavy hitters of cinema, as well as a popular choice for those submitting work to Netflix.

    BorrowLenses doesn’t just cater to the elites. We’re a RED Authorized Rental House for a reason: we want to provide RED for the creative masses. While we rent the 8K RED Monstro VV for the heavier productions, we also cater to the growing need for more affordable “RED camera rental near me” solutions that many new filmmakers are searching for. We started small and continue to support our local community of independent filmmakers and videographers. At BorrowLenses, we rent cameras for every kind of project, from the big-budget feature films to micro-budget music videos.

    For Big-Screen Hollywood or Home-Screen Netflix. Create it with Help from RED Camera Rentals 

    RED is one of the big names in the film industry. BorrowLenses carries a number of RED cameras and accessories to help make your film:

    - The RED MONSTRO 8K Camera gives you full shooting potential. Capture both motion and stills in 8K at 60 FPS in larger-than-full-frame/Vista Vision format. The huge 40.96mm x 21.60mm surface area can easily accommodate full frame lenses to produce 35.4MP footage and photos. Experience amazing flexibility with fast 300 MB/s data rates and simultaneous REDCODE and Apple ProRes/DNxHR recording. With over 4x more resolution than 4K, the MONSTRO delivers 17+ stops of dynamic range, producing beautiful film-like results. 

    - The RED RAVEN 4.5K Camera captures high-resolution motion and stills in full frame 4.5K at up to 120 FPS or full frame 2K at up to 240 FPS. It is part of RED's DSMC2 line, which features simultaneous REDCODE RAW® and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD recording, integrated smart connectors for cable-free peripheral attachment, and faster read/write speeds for lower compression – all in a smaller and lightweight form factor compared to prior models. The RED RAVEN is uniquely suited for hand-held, high speed shooting as well as gimbal and drone applications.

    - The RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Sensor Camera captures 17x more resolution than HD with over 16 stops of dynamic range and records 8K at up to 30 FPS. It is part of RED's DSMC2 line, which features simultaneous REDCODE RAW® and Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR/HD recording with lightning fast data rates up to 275 MB/s. RED's proprietary REDCODE RAW file format is structured for non-destructive editing and you can seamlessly pull detailed stills from footage. This camera is an ideal professional solution for narrative films and documentaries.

    How much does it cost to rent a RED camera?

    BorrowLenses rents a wide range of RED products, with rental prices ranging from $86-$350 per day for 7-day rentals. Costs per day tend to decrease the longer your rental period runs. BorrowLenses rents RED cameras for 3-90 days to support professionals working on both short and long projects.

    Are you an Authorized RED Rental House?

    Yes, BorrowLenses is a RED Digital Cinema Authorized Rental House.

    Get the Most from Your Cinema Camera Rental with All The Right Gear for the Job

    Once you’ve chosen the RED camera package that fits your precise purpose, check out our selection of cine lenses and other cinema accessories such as batteries, tripods, memory cards, follow focus units, and matte boxes to help you have the perfect shoot without breaking the bank.

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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