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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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    RED Cinema Cameras Can Be Rented Online and Delivered On Set

    With ultra-high resolutions, fast shooting speeds, beautiful color science, and customizable builds, RED cameras are an extremely popular choice for platforms like Netflix, for independent filmmakers, and even for big weddings! With BorrowLenses, you can have a RED camera shipped directly to your home or on set, making professional cinema cameras finally available to everyone and not just for filmmakers lucky enough to live in a city near a rental house. Photographers, vloggers, filmmakers, and multimedia artists, from beginner to advanced, enjoy the convenience and selection of our cameras, lenses, lighting, and production equipment with low (or no) deposits for most rentals. The best part is you have access to the newest technology when you need it and not just when you've saved enough to buy it. BL carries not only RED cameras but cinema cameras from many of the biggest brands in the industry.

    The Benefits of Renting RED Gear from BL

    There a lot of reasons why you may want to rent your camera equipment. For one, buying the gear you want for each of the types of gigs you do can get very expensive – prohibitively so for the hobbyist. But that doesn't mean you should go without trying the latest tech! Here are just a few of the benefits of renting:

  • • Convenience when traveling. Leave your personal gear at home and eliminate the risk of it getting broken or stolen.
  • • Special occasions. Photographing air shows once a year is the perfect use case for renting vs shelling out upwards of 10K on a super telephoto lens!
  • • Gain experience. Don't learn on the job – study a piece of gear ahead of time! Rent a camera or lighting kit and get hands-on with it before jumping into a major event – assistants, take note!
  • • Low-cost testing. Not sure if you want to upgrade or if some certain new shiny system will work with your current accessories? Instead of using credit to purchase something expensive and relying too much on a decent returns policy, why not just borrow the item for as little as dollars a day?

    What You Can Expect When Renting RED Equipment

    RED is a modular system that offers a "brain" that can be built on to create a rig of your choosing. We take the complexity out of it by offering rentals with all the necessary parts to further customize your kit: viewing monitors, card readers, AC power source, handles, and more. Add the lens and memory of your choice, plus perhaps a mic, shoulder rig or a tripod – all of which we also rent – and you're on your way!

    Yes, BorrowLenses is a RED Digital Cinema Authorized Rental House

    We work directly with RED to ensure we have the best combination of items that will cover the widest set of jobs, from corporate video professionals to artists, freelancers, wedding shooters, and everything in between. If you're new to it all, BL gear experts are here to help. With locations on both the east and west coasts, you will love the quick shipping and expert service.

  • Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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