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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Panasonic GH5S Gimbal Video Kit
Panasonic GH5S Gimbal Video Kit


The Panasonic GH5S Gimbal Video Kit is a great stabilization solution for filmmakers needing a reliable and lightweight system for creative projects, documentaries, run-and-gun assignments, events, and so much more. You get a 4K Micro Four Thirds mount camera, a shotgun mic, a popular mid-range zoom, a handheld gimbal, and a spare camera battery to keep you out in the field longer.

With our package discount, you automatically get these items for less than if you added them individually to your cart. Here are some of the standout features of this kit:

  • • Unlimited internal capture of 4:2:2 10-bit C4K video recording plus the ability to simultaneously feed 4:2:2 10-bit out through the full size HDMI port.
  • • Variable frame rates up to 240 FPS in Full HD and 60 FPS in DCI and UHD 4K, allowing for up to 10x slow motion footage.
  • • Equipped with the Dual Native ISO feature found in professional cameras like the Varicam and the EVA1.
  • • Pre-installed V-Log L, making color grading easier, increasing dynamic range to 12 stops, and providing the sensitivity characteristics of Cineon.
  • • A mic specifically designed for use with DSLR and mirrorless systems with a 20bd pre-amplifier that boosts the mic signal enough for these cameras to detect, preventing unwanted automatic gain inputs.
  • • A versatile zoom lens designed to handle 4K video and has a 240 FPS linear motor for ultra-fast focus tracking. It is also equipped with Optical Image Stabilization and a micro-step drive system.

    This is a great package for those looking for a simple 1-click option that gets them up and running with handheld dynamic-motion shooting. Record events, vacations, vlogs, B-roll, walking tours, and so much more.


  • • There are no substitutions on packages.


  • • Unlimited Internal 4:2:2 10-Bit C4K
  • • Variable Frame Rates Up to 240 FPS
  • • Dual Native ISO
  • • Pre-Installed V-Log L
  • • Mic with Integrated Shock Mount and Windscreen
  • • 10 lb Payload Gimbal with 1.4" Color LCD Touchscreen
  • • Fast, Fully Silent Lens with Micro-Step Drive, Power O.I.S. and New Iris Mechanism
  • • 1860mAh Capacity Batteries


    Panasonic GH5S Gimbal Video Kit

  • • GH5S & 12-35mm Lens
  • • DJI RS 2 Gimbal
  • • Rode VideoMic Pro+
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