Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control Time Lapse Kit
Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control Time Lapse Kit
Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control Time Lapse Kit


The Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control Time Lapse Kit comes with (2) motion control devices and a pan/tilt bracket. The Genie Mini is a small, simple, mobile-controlled device (requires the Syrp Genie app) that creates smooth panning for motion time-lapses or real-time video. It sits between your camera and a tripod (rentable separately) and has an internal motor that can perform 360° pans with cameras up to 8.8 lbs. With the included pan/tilt bracket, you can create dynamic 2-axis movements using both Genie Minis. You can also mount both the Minis and the bracket on the original Syrp Genie or on the Syrp Genie II for full 3-axis motion. The battery in the Genie Mini lasts over 48 hours in incremental time-lapse mode and can perform continuous motion (max speed is 360° in 33 seconds) for over 5 hours on a single charge. The following link cables are included with your rental: 2S, 1N, 1P, 3C, 3N, and 1C. Please see this chart for a complete list of cameras and what cable they require. This kit is versatile and ideal for creative motion-infused footage.


  • • This rental comes with link cables for select cameras. Please see Syrp's compatibility chart.

  • • (2) Genie Minis
  • • (1) Syrp Pan Tilt Bracket
  • • Sync Cable for Genie Mini
  • • (2) Micro-USB Charging Cables
  • • (2) USB Wall Chargers
  • • (4) 1/4"-20 to 3/8"-16 Bushing Adapters
  • • (6) Syrp Link Cables (Please See This Chart For More Details):

  • 2S Link Cable for Select Sony Cameras
  • 1N Link Cable for Select Nikon, Fuji Cameras
  • 3N Link Cable for Select Nikon Cameras
  • 1C Link Cable for Select Fuji, Canon Cameras
  • 1P Link Cable for Select Panasonic, Leica Cameras
  • 3C Link Cable for Select Canon Cameras

  • • Maximum Payload: 8.8 lbs (Panning), 6.6 lbs (Tilting)
  • • Maximum Speed: 360° in 33 Sec
  • • 3 Hour Battery Charge Time
  • • Approximately 48 Hour Battery Capacity in Time-Lapse Mode / 5 Hours in Continuous Motion Mode
  • • Ports: Micro-USB (for Charging), 2.5mm Link Port, 3.5mm Sensor Port
  • • 1/4"-20 Mount on Top, 3/8"-16 Mount on Bottom
  • • Dimensions: 3.6" x 1.6"
  • • Weight: 8.1 oz


    Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control Time Lapse Kit

    Rent a Syrp Genie Mini Motion Control Time Lapse Kit. BorrowLenses provides rentals for professional photographers, videographers, and photography/videography hobbyists.
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