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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Steadicam Steadimate 30
Steadicam Steadimate 30


The Steadicam Steadimate 30 allows you to mount a motorized gimbal, such as a Freefly MoVI or DJI Ronin, along with a camera and accessories up to 30 pounds total for better weight distribution while maintaining linear-axis stabilization. The spring-loaded arm provides additional movement isolation while the vest reduces arm fatigue by distributing the weight of your gimbal setup over your core. This benefits long takes and complex maneuvers and is ideal for documentary work, action sequences, and creative narrative filmmaking.

Please note that this rental does not include a gimbal system, such as a MoVI or Ronin. They are rentable separately.


  • • This rig is compatible with payloads up to 30 lbs.
  • • The handlebar clamps on this rig are compatible with motorized gimbal systems with handlebars that are 25mm, 25.5mm, or 30mm in diameter. The 30mm is pre-installed and there are additional inserts for 25mm and 25.5mm that are included.
  • • While designed for gimbals, such as the Ronin or MoVI (not included), this rig can be used with any Steadicam-type sled that will connect to a 1/2" post.
  • • Please refer to the step-by-step balancing guide found in our Manual tab.

  • • Steadicam Steadimate Adapter for Motorized Gimbal (1/2" Post)
  • • Zephyr Vest Front Assembly
  • • Zephyr Vest Back Assemby
  • • Zephyr Vest Lower Back Pad
  • • (2) 30mm Sleeves
  • • (2) 25.5mm Sleeves
  • • (2) 25mm Sleeves
  • • A-30 Arm
  • • (4) Balance Weights
  • • Balance Pin for 1/2" Post
  • • Block for 1/2" Post
  • • 30mm, 25mm, 25.5mm Handlebar Inserts
  • • 4mm Allen Key

  • • Load Capacity: 30 lbs
  • • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • • Accepts Ronin and MoVI Gimbals (Rentable Separately)


    Steadicam Steadimate 30

    Rent a Steadicam Steadimate 30. BorrowLenses provides rentals for professional photographers, videographers, and photography/videography hobbyists.
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