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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Rhino Arc II Pro 42in Slider Bundle
Rhino Arc II Pro 42in Slider Bundle


  • Rhino has released a statement warning of battery damage when batteries are left charging for 12+ hours. Until a fix is released, please do not leave batteries charging!

    The Rhino Arc II Pro 42in Slider Bundle includes a 42" slider, the Arc II motorized pan/tilt head, a high speed motor, a leveling plate, and all necessary shutter cables to go with most camera models. Together, these items give you dynamic 3-axis motion to take your production to the next level. With the Arc II's Automatic Face Tracking, you can easily operate this system alone for vlogging. The Arc II can be used in place of a fluid head and can be controlled directly on the unit itself or via the Arc II iOS app. The slider is rigid with all-terrain feet and a 30 lb payload (note, however, that the Arc II's payload is 15 lbs). There is a convenient tripod quick mount plate so you can easily position the slider onto your tripod of choice (tripod not included with bundle) as well as additional mounting options on either end of the slider for 2-tripod setups. The linear motor plugs into the Arc II and allows motion up to 5" a second. The Rhino Essentials Slider Bundle is ideal for creating b-roll footage, conducting interviews, doing time-lapses, and for any other creative project that requires motion.


  • Rhino has released a statement warning of battery damage when batteries are left charging for 12+ hours. Until a fix is released, please do not leave batteries charging!

  • • This slider does not support vertical movement. For that, you would need the High Torque Motor which is not included. Only the High Speed motor is included. The slider's load capacity with the motor is 30 lbs horizontally and 5 lbs at 20°. For either motor, you must pair it with the Arc II since the Arc II powers the motor. The motor will not run on its own. The High Speed Motor is compatible with the older EVO sliders and motion controllers but the High Torque Motor is not.
  • • If you're doing macro work, we recommend the using the High Torque Motor as it emits less vibration and moves slower.
  • • The Arc II has a load capacity of 15 lbs. It supports 180° of total travel, 90° each direction from center (level) with an 5 lb setup or less. For setups over 5 lbs, the Arc II supports 90° of total travel, 45° each direction from center (level). Arc II must be level for the pan axis to rotate properly. You must use the included leveling plate between the slider and the Arc II.
  • • This slider comes with all-terrain feet and a carriage with a 3/8"-16 port in the center and several 1/4"-20 ports around it. It also has one 3/8"-16 mount thread and one 1/3"20 mount thread at each end. A tripod or stand must be rented separately unless you want to use the slider on the ground or propped up by other means. There is 1 central tripod quick mount on this slider. To use a C stand for support, you'll need a baby pin (male) 3/8" adapter, which is not included. A tripod head for connecting your camera to the carriage is not included. The Arc II, which connects to the carriage, is included as well as a leveling plate.
  • • The Rhino Arc II has roughly 4-6 hours of battery life.
  • • To control the Arc II, you can either download an iOS app or use the built-in user interface/joysticks.
  • • The Rhino Follow Focus for Arc II is not included.

  • • 42" Rhino Stainless Steel Slider
  • • Camera Carriage
  • • (2) Pro Slider Rails
  • • 42" Belt
  • • (2) End Caps with All-Terrain Feet
  • • High Speed Slider Motor (5"/Second)
  • • ARC II Motorized Pan/Tilt Head with Quick Release Plate
  • • Arc II Charger
  • • Tilt Platform/Leveling Plate
  • • 57" Cat5 Motor Cable (Connects Arc to Motor)
  • • Canon RS80N3 Shutter Cable
  • • Canon RS60E3 Shutter Cable
  • • Nikon N1/MC30 Shutter Cable
  • • Nikon N3-MC-DC2 Shutter Cable
  • • Panasonic RSL1 Shutter Cable
  • • Sony S2 Shutter Cable
  • • Fuji RR-90 Shutter Cable

  • See Shutter Cable Camera Compatibility Here

  • • Carrying Case

  • • Load Capacity: 30 lbs (15 lbs for Arc)
  • • Material: Stainless Steel
  • • Rail Length: 42"
  • • Total Travel Distance: 35.75"
  • • 5/8" Diameter Rails
  • • Carriage with 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 Threads
  • • Integrated Carriage Brake
  • • Central Tripod Quick Mount
  • • Narrow Mounting Plates at Both Ends with Tripod Quick Mounts
  • • Folding All-Terrain Feet
  • • High Speed Motor Supports 5" Per Second, 5 lb Payload at 20°
  • • Weight: 11.4 lbs (Slider Only)

    There is no manual for this product.


    Rhino Arc II Pro 42in Slider Bundle

  • • Includes 42" Stainless Steel Slider, Arc II Motorized Pan/Tilt Head, Slider Motor, Shutter Cables
  • • 30 lb Payload
  • • Camera Carriage with 3/8"-16 Mount & Integrated Brake
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