Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle
Free 2 Day Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free 2 Day Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle
Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle
Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle
Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle


The Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle makes working with moving subjects much easier by allowing you to set and rack focus on your subject while tracking your scene run-and-gun style. Mount your camera and lens to a set of carbon fiber rails that sit on top of a shoulder pad with two large handles and a counterweight to comfortably balance the rig on your shoulder. Connect one of 3 included focus rings to your lens for manual focus control with the included follow focus unit so that you can smoothly “rack” the focus back and forth between your desired points. The follow focus unit also has adjustable stops which can be set according to the points of critical focus for your shot. The standard 0.8 film pitch drive gear of the unit is compatible with cine lenses, which come with their own toothed rings built-in (cine lenses rentable separately). The Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle includes a mount for a monitor arm (monitor not included) to attach directly to this rig. The rubberized handgrip prevents hand-slips and ensures stable shooting while a 3D marking disk allows you to view your focus marks from many angles. This Cinema Deluxe Bundle is ideal for DSLR videographers for documentary work, narratives, music videos, and more.


  • • This kit includes a set of 3 micro-focus rings that fit a variety of lenses. The different sizes are marked as A, B, and C. The rings go directly around the focus ring of your lens. You may want to rent additional sets of these rings to go around all of your lenses ahead of time for quick follow-focus lens swapping. Additional rings can be added to this rental upon checkout for a fee. By default, this kit includes 1 of A (180mm-220mm lens circumference), B (211mm-250mm lens circumference), and C (241mm-280mm lens circumference).
  • • There is a D size ring (280mm-320mm lens circumference) that is not included with this kit. It is for larger lenses, such as the Canon 100-400mm. You may choose to have this ring included with this rental upon checkout for a fee.
  • • This kit arrives in a waterproof case disassembled. See this guide for assembly instructions. For gear alignment, see this guide.
  • • New to follow focusing? Learn more in Follow that Focus Like a Pro.

  • • Redrock Micro microMount
  • • microBalance Plus Vertical Plate w/ 2 Weights
  • • microFollowFocus
  • • microLensGear Short Screw
  • • microLensGear Long Screw
  • • (3) Crescent Nuts
  • • (3) Crescent Spacers
  • • (1) A Ring (180mm-220mm Lens Circumference)
  • • (1) B Ring (211mm-250mm Lens Circumference)
  • • (1) C Ring (241mm-280mm Lens Circumference)
  • • microShoulderPad w/ Rod Clamp
  • • microHandGrip
  • • 18" 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods
  • • Redrock Micro DSLR Baseplate
  • • Redrock Micro Offset Handlebar with 15mm Rail Clamp
  • • Carrying Case

  • • Compatible with Most DSLRs (Including Vertical Grip Pro Bodies)
  • • Standard 0.8 Film Pitch Drive Gear
  • • Accommodates Lenses from 180-280mm Circumference (or Up to 320mm with Optional D Ring, See Notes Tab)
  • • Optionally Attach 4" or 8" Rods to Included 15mm Rods
  • • Left or Right Adjustment
  • • Weight: 14 lbs


    Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle

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