Ready Rig GS Stabilizer + ProArms Kit
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details


The Ready Rig GS Stabilizer + ProArms Kit connects to your gimbal and takes the weight away from your arms and shoulders and places it on your hips instead to reduce field fatigue. It also helps reduce any bounce motion that is sometimes seen when using a gimbal alone. It accepts playloads between 30-40 lbs and the included ProArms telescope from 23-37". Each arm sports 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 mounting points for external monitors. At only 10 lbs and made with mostly carbon fiber, this slim setup is ideal for scene stabilization when having to navigate tight spaces or go in and out of cars. It is recommended for documentary work, action narratives, and more.


  • • This rig has an 30-40 lb load range.
  • • The belt size ranges from 28-44" so if your pant size is within this range, the rig and vest should be generally comfortable for you. Your mileage may vary.
  • • This rental does not come with a gimbal. That must be rented separately and attached to this unit for better support and weight distribution.

  • • Back and Body Brace
  • • (2) Shoulder Mounts
  • • (2) Carbon Fiber Telescoping Support Rods
  • • (2) Locking Screws for Pro Arms
  • • (2) Rear Tension Cables
  • • (2) Locking Screws for Tension Cables
  • • (2) Universal Velcro Gimbal Attachments
  • • Carrying Case

  • • Load Capacity: 30-40 lbs
  • • 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 Mounting Points on Each Arm
  • • Ergonomic and Adjustable Backpack Design
  • • 28-44" Belt Size
  • • 23-37" Arm Range
  • • Operate Over or Underslung
  • • Weight: 10 lbs

    There is no manual for this product.


    Ready Rig GS Stabilizer + ProArms Kit

    Rent a Ready Rig GS Stabilizer + ProArms Kit. BorrowLenses provides rentals for professional photographers, videographers, and photography/videography hobbyists.
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