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Rent 7 Days, Get 7 Days Free - See Details
OConnor Universal Baseplate
OConnor Universal Baseplate
OConnor Universal Baseplate


The OConnor Universal Baseplate is a sturdy camera platform that allows you to adapt smaller systems – like DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, and small cinema cameras – to larger industry-standard support rigs or to very long lenses the camera couldn't otherwise support safely. Lightweight support brackets on either side of the baseplate provide extra stability and a convenient way to mount accessories at the rear of the camera. The rear 15mm rods can be elevated for further support of your setup, which is ideal for DSLRs that can only be mounted by a single tie-down screw – the elevated rear rods supply 3 points of rigidity. Adapt any camera to a Studio 15mm or 19mm bridgeplate by changing out the four vertical 15mm rods. The OConnor Universal Baseplate is a versatile add-on for just about any support rig.


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  • • 1/4" 3-Way Camera Screw
  • • 3/8" 3-Way Camera Screw
  • • (2) 15mm LWS Horizontal Rod Brackets
  • • Top Camera Plate
  • • Bottom Camera Plate with Flip-Up Access Port for Slotted Screw Driver (Screw Driver Not Included)
  • • (4) 2.65" 15mm Rods

  • • Enables Centering of Lens Optical Axis
  • • Top and Bottom Camera Plates
  • • Adapts to Studio Bridgeplates and LWS Rods

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    OConnor Universal Baseplate

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