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Nikon 800mm f/5.6E AF-S FL ED VR Lens

I Want My Rental
I Want My Rental
Rental Price: $661.00
Retail: $16,296.95
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Verification Required: This item requires an existing 3rd party insurance policy or a deposit on file.
The Nikon 800mm f/5.6E AF-S FL ED VR Lens provide ultimate reach for wildlife and sports. It includes a 1.25X teleconverter that is built specifically for each lens for perfect pairing and extends your 800mm length to an incredible 1000mm (1500mm on crop frame sensor cameras). Built-in Vibration Reduction image stabilization helps to lessen the appearance of blur caused by camera shake by up to four shutter speed stops, which greatly benefits this lens' use in low-light conditions and fast-paced photography, such as for arena sports. Manual focus override allows instant switching between AF and MF focusing systems for greater control over focus placement and for fine-tuning of focus and the Silent Wave Motor autofocus mechanism provides quick, quiet and precise auto focusing. This lens is ideal for wildlife photography and professional sports shooting.
Verification Required: This item requires an existing 3rd party insurance policy or a deposit on file.
  • • Nikon TC800-1.25E ED Teleconverter
  • • Front Cap
  • • Rear Cap
  • • 52mm Drop-in Filter
  • • Lens Hood
  • • Tripod Collar
  • • Additional Low-Profile Foot
  • Verification Required: This item requires an existing 3rd party insurance policy or a deposit on file.
  • • For teleconverter compatibility, please refer to individual Nikon teleconverters.
  • • This lens comes with its own dedicated 1.25X teleconverter. Each teleconverter is matched specifically to its lens. If you order multiple Nikon 800mm f/5.6E lenses, their 1.25X teleconverters are not interchangeable. Failure to keep the teleconverter with its designated lens' serial may result in a fee.
  • • When adding the 1.25X converter, your maximum aperture is reduced to f/7.1. Electromagnetic aperture control is fully supported.
  • • This lens comes with a rotating tripod collar that cannot be fully removed. The foot on the collar, however, is removable.
  • • This lens incorporates an electromagnetic diaphragm mechanism. The following cameras are compatible (as of this writing/this lens' release):

  • D3 Series and Newer
  • D800 Series and Newer
  • D700 Series and Newer
  • D600 Series and Newer
  • D500
  • D300 Series and Newer
  • D7000 Series and Newer
  • D3100, 3200, D3300 and Newer
  • D5000 Series and Newer
  • • Focal Length: 800mm (1200mm Equivalent for Crop Sensors)
  • • Aperture Range: f/5.6-f/32
  • • Nikon F Mount
  • • Format Coverage: Full Frame (FX)
  • • 19.36' Minimum Focusing Distance
  • • 3°10' Angle of View
  • • 1:6.6 Magnification
  • • AF/MF
  • • Vibration Reduction
  • • Rotating Tripod Collar with Removable Foot
  • • Filter Size: 52mm Drop-In
  • • Length: 18.15"
  • • Weight: 10.12 lbs
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