Freefly Pilot 3-Axis Focus/Iris/Zoom Controller
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Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details


The Freefly Pilot 3-Axis Focus/Iris/Zoom Controller consists of the MIMIC controller, the Pilot iris/zoom module, and the Pilot focus module all connected by a "backbone" with a 1/4"-20 thread for easy mounting options as well as a monitor mount with a friction hinge mechanism. This setup seamlessly integrates with the MoVI Pro and MoVI XL via the COM1 or COM2 ports to give you complete control over all settings and pointing your gimbal. You also have command of all lens functionality thanks to the industry-standard inputs for focus, iris, and zoom – all of which are manipulated using the soft-grip focus knob (with adjustable viscous damping) and joystick. The iris/zoom module can be mapped for focus/iris/zoom as well as pan/tilt/roll functions. The Freefly Pilot 3-Axis Focus/Iris/Zoom Controller is a great addition to your MoVI Pro or MoVI XL stabilization systems.


  • • All inputs will be mapped to factory default configuration but can be customized to control various axes. Please consult the manual.
  • • The MIMIC uses a very powerful wireless transmitter to control a MoVI. When this transmitter is in close proximity to its receiver, the receiver can be saturated with input, causing unwanted movements.
  • • Priority must be set to “1” on the MIMIC Radio screen for successful binding to a MoVI.

  • • Iris/Zoom Module
  • • Focus Module
  • • Marking Ring
  • • Rosette Mount
  • • MIMIC Receiver/Transmitter
  • • Paralinx 2dBi Omni-Directional Antenna
  • • Pilot Backbone
  • • (2) Redrock Torque Motors
  • • (2) 15.75" Lens Motor Cables for MoVI Pro
  • • (1) 7.8" RED RCP Serial Cable for MoVI Pro
  • • (1) 39" USB Type-C to Type-A Cable for MoVI Pro

  • • 2.4Ghz Antenna
  • • 600' Range
  • • Ports/Connectivity: COM1, COM2, USB C, 13mm Monitor Mount, 1/4"-20 Mount Thread, SD Card Slot
  • • Bluetooth (For Connecting Mobile Devices with MIMIC)
  • • Integrated Battery (Up to 6 Hour Run Time)


    Freefly Pilot 3-Axis Focus/Iris/Zoom Controller

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