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Free 2 Day Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Cinevate Atlas 30 DSLR Slider 47"
Cinevate Atlas 30 DSLR Slider 47"


The Cinevate Atlas 30 DSLR 47" Slider is a linear tracking system made of 5/8" steel rods over a block of aluminum. It features an integrated 100mm bowl head mount (head not included). This slider also comes with a 100mm half bowl adapter for attaching flat-base video fluid heads. The adjustable all-terrain leg system can be adapted to any shooting environment and you can optionally attach the slider to a pair of tripods or C Stands. It can hold up to 30 lbs, so even rigs with longer lenses glide smoothly with the Cinevate Atlas. This slider is ideal for videographers and time-lapse photographers.


  • • This slider comes with a 100mm Bowl Head Mount (bowl heads rentable separately). It also comes with a 100mm Half Bowl Adapter with a 3/8th screw mount for flat base fluid heads (which are rentable separately).
  • • This slider comes with feet and a tripod mount but a tripod or C Stand must be rented separately unless you want to use the slider on the ground or propped up by other means.

  • • 47" x 5/8" Steel Rail
  • • 100mm Bowl Head Mount
  • • 100mm Half Bowl Adapter
  • • Carriage
  • • Tripod Mounting Plate
  • • Rail Mount
  • • All Terrain Feet
  • • All Terrain Feet Mount Screws
  • • Brake Screw
  • • Carrying Case

  • • Load Capacity: 30 lbs
  • • Material: Aluminum and Steel
  • • Rail Length: 47"
  • • Weight: 17 lbs

    There is no manual for this product.


    Cinevate Atlas 30 DSLR 47in Slider

  • • 100mm Bowl Head Mount (Bowl Head Not Included)
  • • Includes 100mm Half Bowl Adapter
  • • 30 lb Payload
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