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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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    Rent Strobe Lighting & Monolights

    If you’re in the market to rent strobe lighting and monolights,’s selection includes the most popular and common styles used by professionals, making the rental option a great way to fill a temporary need or try one out before buying.

    Renting a system like the Elinchrom 1000W/s BX-Ri Monolight Kit or the Profoto 500W/s D2 AirTTL Light Kit before you buy is an easy way to see if it’s right for you, without a large photography gear investment.

    Monolights vs. Strobe Lights

    You might hear the terms “monolight” and “strobe” light used interchangeably, but each lighting type has its own unique benefits. While they both supply that much-needed flash when taking portraits or doing a photoshoot, you’ll want to understand the distinct features each one offers to determine if a strobe light rental or a monolight rental is best for your next assignment or project.

     - Monolights work best in the studio and have easy-to-control light levels, wide adjustable ranges, and work on AC power. Some monolights connect directly to cameras via a power pack and sync cable, while others can be triggered by a wireless trigger.

     - Many monolights also need accessories like a photography umbrella to modify the light output. The light itself is a self-contained unit in a single housing. Most monolights have settings to regulate the amount of light you get, including full, half, quarter and even less.

     - Strobe lights are more compact and easier to carry yet supply enough light to illuminate a room, making them practical for shoots in the studio and on the road, too. The strobe light generally has a much lower watt-second output and some are battery-powered.

    Monolights and strobe lights serve a different purpose when compared to continuous lighting, which is lighting that provides a constant light as opposed to a burst, or pop, of light.

    Key Features to Consider When Renting Strobe Lights or Monolights

    There are four main aspects you’ll want to consider before you rent strobe lighting or monolights:

     - Watt-seconds (often written as WS) measures the discharge capacity of the flash unit’s power.

     - Guide number refers to the light output, with a higher guide number indicating a greater light output. This information is needed to determine the aperture when photographing in manual exposure mode.

     - Flash duration is the time between the triggering of the flash unit and the flash. In other words, the speed and duration a flash bursts for.

     - Recycle time describes how long you need to wait until the unit has fully recharged.

    You also need to decide if you want a continuous variable output. Other considerations you’ll need to address when renting strobe lights or monolights are whether you want to use a proportional modeling light to test the lighting effect before the shoot, whether fan cooling is essential, and the degree of portability you’ll need.

    Renting the Lighting You Need

    If you are an up-and-coming photographer, it might not be financially feasible for you to purchase both types of lighting. Additionally, if your studio is small, you may not have the storage space. Luckily, you can rent strobe lighting and monolights from

    Our affordable rental pricing allows you to get what you need, when you need it, without worrying about a large financial commitment. Renting strobe lights and monolights is also a great way to try several brands and lighting types to decide which works best for your photography needs. Reserve yours today!

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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