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Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Flashes and On-Camera
Flashes and On-Camera
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    If you are just starting out in the world of flash photography, knowing where to start may seem a little confusing, but once you know exactly what the flash does, you will be able to make more informed decisions about your equipment.

    Flash Efficiency Depends on Your Distance From Your Subject

    If you stand too far from your subject, the flash simply won't work. Of course, "too far" is dependent solely on the type of flash you're using. Some are made only for very short distances, but others are created to work from much further away.

    The Guide Number Is Important

    The electronic flash you use with your camera will come with its own guide number. This number provides information about the flash's maximum output in relation to aperture and distance. In its most basic form, the higher the flash's guide number, the further you can be from your subject and still have good flash photography.

    Using a Flash Bracket Has Advantages

    When you use a flash bracket, the flash is further from the lens, which gets rid of nearly any chance of red-eye when you are photographing people. Most flash brackets also pivot, which allows them to rotate when you shoot vertically. This creates a better shadow for your pictures.

    Determining Which Kind of Flash You Need

    When it comes to the type of flash you need, it depends not only on your camera, but the type of photographs you hope to shoot. It may take a few tries to find what works for you. Instead of purchasing a flash you may not light, use lighting equipment rental from BorrowLenses. You can rent camera flash options for Nikon, Canon and several other brands.

    Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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