Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
Continuous Lighting
Continuous Lighting
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  • Lighting is just one of the most important factors to consider during your photo shoot. When you choose to do a session indoors, you can't quite rely on natural lighting the same way you can when you go outside. An indoor photo shoot has many benefits: you don't have to worry about rain, there's no wind to blow hair or clothing in the wrong direction, and there's a much lower risk of having to cancel your session. When you rent continuous photo lighting from BorrowLenses, you also have the opportunity to perfectly light your studio for optimum results.

    Continuous Lighting vs. Strobe Lighting

    When you want to light up your studio and keep it lit, rent continuous photo lighting. BorrowLenses has panel lights, Fresnel lights, and several light kits to assist you in casting the perfect glow on your clients. One of the major advantages to using continuous lighting is that it allows you to perfect set your scene and see what it looks like before you snap the photo. What you see before you is what will be captured when the button is pushed.

    Some photographers prefer strobe lighting. This is the flash that follows the push of the button on the camera. You can find affordable tripods, panels, and plenty of strobe or flash lighting accessories for rent. Strobe lighting photos take a lot of practice as you don't necessarily know how the photo will turn out until you take the picture, look at it, and make adjustments.

    Have the Right Equipment for Your Style

    The type of lighting you choose to use in your photo studio is your artistic choice. Just make sure you have the right equipment to take high-quality photos. You can rent continuous photo lighting with LED options right from BorrowLenses. Test out different styles without committing to buying expensive equipment; you can decide if you prefer continuous or flash photography without breaking your budget.

    Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
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