Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
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Lighting Accessories

Lighting Accessories
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    Photography is about more than a good camera and some different lighting sources. There are plenty of other equipment needs if you want to be a successful photographer.

    Light Stands

    Unless you intend to hire an assistant who will hold your lighting exactly where you need it and never movewhich isn't feasible for a number of reasonsyou will need light stands to secure your equipment. Stands should sturdy but cushioned to prevent jostling.

    Green and Blue Screens

    Unfortunately, you won't always be able to shoot on location, so you will need a range of backdrops. Green and blue screens allow you to take the photographs you'd like and then replace the solid-colored background with your own. Green or blue is used because you can separate your subjectoften a humanfrom the solid background and more easily place them in front of your desired background using photo editing software.

    Light Meters

    A light meter is important to ensure you take the best photograph possible. Light meters use a digital or analog electronic circuit to help you determine the best shutter speed and f-number to create the best exposure for your lighting and film speed.

    Extra Battery Packs and Cords

    You never know when a shoot will run longer than you expect or when one of your cords will find disaster and become unusable. Two of the most important things you can have in your photography kid are extra battery packs and extra cords for all of your equipment. This ensures you don't lose time and money by delaying the shoot to replace items you need.

    Renting Your Equipment

    If you don't use any particular item often, you can opt for photography lighting equipment rental instead of purchasing what you are going to use. BorrowLenses provides all the equipment you need for rental, and they do it at very affordable prices.

    Save 15% On Rentals - Use Code SAVE15NOW
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