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Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Photo Lighting
Photo Lighting
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  • Photography Lighting Rental

    The way your studio photos turn out all depends on the setup of your lighting. BorrowLenses has numerous photography lighting rental options for you to play with and discover your unique photo style. Here are just a few options you can try.


    Backlight studio lighting places light directly behind the model and uses a reflector or additional lighting to cast light on the model's face. By lighting up the back of the head, backlighting adds depth and detail. An octabox is a great option for backlighting.


    Place two softboxes slightly in front of your model, equally spaced apart and facing toward your subject. Make sure the settings for the softboxes are exactly the same. This lighting choice is perfect to create an even shot that snatches up every detail. To reflect more light onto the face, you can also have a reflector placed somewhere below the model's face but out of camera sight, such as on his or her lap.


    Set up a large reflector off to the side of your model. Stage a Fresnel light or similar lighting at a 45-degree angle to your model until you can see a triangle of light on his or her face. This lighting option is perfect for artistic photos, hence the name.


    Positioning two flashes at an angle and behind the model by several feet, rim studio lighting casts deep definition. For more dramatic photos, make sure the flashes are aimed toward the camera. You might need to take some practice shots to get the perfect photo, and don't forget about having an assistant with a reflector handy.

    The setup options for your photography lighting rental are nearly endless. Find softboxes, umbrellas, transceivers, flashes, light stands, and more when you browse the extensive selection at BorrowLenses.

    Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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