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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Photo Lighting
Photo Lighting
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  • Why Buy? Photography Lighting Equipment Rental is Easier

    A simple and affordable way to have the right lighting every time is to literally have the right lighting every time! While it might not be feasible to own all the photography lighting equipment you might need, with BorrowLenses you can rent all kinds of lighting, from strobes and Speedlights to LEDs and fresnels.

    Let’s face it, there’s the equipment you own since you use it all the time, and then there’s everything else. For any professional who doesn’t want to invest in (or find the room to store) occasional-use equipment, photo lighting rental makes sense. It allows you to get the most up-to-date camera lighting equipment as you need it, so you can focus on and invest in your primary tools like cameras, lenses and storage solutions. 

    Lighting Equipment for Any Shoot

    Search through the full catalog and you’ll see outdoor lighting equipment rental options, plenty of studio lighting rental equipment and even equipment to shoot underwater. There is also a large selection of modifiers including scrims, flags, diffusers, softboxes, and spotlight mounts. Some of the most popular lighting rentals:

     - The Aputure Light Storm LS300X LED features the latest optical color-blending technology to produce natural-looking mixed variable-white light suitable for any environment. It can be controlled via a control box, an app, or with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote. With 9 built-in lighting special effects and a versatile Bowens S-Type mount for modifiers, the Aputure Light Storm LS300X LED is ideal for artistic lighting design on set.

    - The Quasar Science Q50R Rainbow LED gives you both ultra powerful color control and creative special effects. Change light intensity, temperature, hue, and saturation for results that go from subtle candlelight to bold daylight with ease. There are presets not only for colors but also for lighting effects, including fire, police light, strobe, paparazzi, and more. These innovative LEDs, with their cross-fading abilities between RGB color mixing and white light, are the ideal solution for adding unique lighting to video and photography projects.

    - The Godox MS300 3-Light Studio Flash Kit is anall-in-one designed for events, portraits, and more. It has everything you need to cover groups and individuals alike. Trigger these powerful strobes wirelessly at over 300’ feet away. With 50-step adjustable power levels and 300W/s from each strobe head, you can design your lighting with precision and light up even very large spaces.

    - The Profoto B10 Plus 500W/s Flash combines some of the best features of classic strobe models and combines them into 1 powerful, modern lighting tool. Not only is this a powerful flash but you also get to enjoy a 150W-equivalent continuous lighting option that's dimmable and color temperature variable, making it good for photo and video alike.

    - The Matthews 10.5’ C Stand provides solid support for heavier lights without taking up a lot of floor space thanks to the unique nestable foot design. It comes with a gobo arm for easy overhead lighting. It is a great addition for grip setups, studio work, and even a quick fix for holding backdrops. C stands are vital tools on the set of any studio photographer or on-set filmmaker.

    - The Kino Flo Diva-Lite 400 is a professional, energy efficient lighting kit that reproduces color faithfully. This is a bulb-and-ballast system with both a tungsten and daylight-balanced set of bulbs that produce Kino Flo’s signature beauty lighting, which can be modified with the built-in barn doors and a diffuser or grid.

    With a selection of more than 150+ photography and film lighting equipment options, it’s impossible to list them all here. Check out the entire selection or filter to narrow your search to find the photography lighting rental system that meets your exact need.

    Lighting Equipment for Every Occasion and Need

    Do you need a specific brand or lighting equipment type? With more than two dozen different brands and more than 150 pieces of lighting equipment for rent, we’re confident you’ll find what you need. A few lighting equipment rentals you can try include:


    Backlight studio lighting places light directly behind the model and uses a reflector or additional lighting to cast light on the model's face. By lighting up the back of the head, backlighting adds depth and detail. An octabox is a great option for backlighting.


    Place two softboxes slightly in front of your model, equally spaced apart and facing toward your subject. Make sure the settings for the softboxes are exactly the same. This lighting choice is perfect to create an even shot that snatches up every detail. To reflect more light onto the face, you can also have a reflector placed somewhere below the model's face but out of camera sight, such as on his or her lap.


    Set up a large reflector off to the side of your model. Stage a Fresnel light or similar lighting at a 45-degree angle to your model until you can see a triangle of light on his or her face. This lighting option is perfect for artistic photos, hence the name.


    Positioning two flashes at an angle and behind the model by several feet, rim studio lighting casts deep definition. For more dramatic photos, make sure the flashes are aimed toward the camera. You might need to take some practice shots to get the perfect photo, and don't forget about having an assistant with a reflector handy.

    Photography Lighting Rental

    BorrowLenses has numerous photography lighting rental options for you to play with and discover your unique photo style, while eliminates these problems. You have access to all the equipment you might need – from simple flash units to backdrops to continuous lighting and more – at an affordable price that makes taking high-quality photo and video possible.

    The setup options for your photography lighting rental are nearly endless. In addition to lighting equipment units from Canon, Manfrotto, and Aputure, BorrowLenses also offers a wide range of equipment from Profoto, Nikon, LitePanels, Paul C Bluff, Westcott and more. Use the filter and sort function to quickly find the specific equipment you need for your next shoot, and search by date to ensure gear is available when you need it.

    With a selection of more than 150+ photography and film lighting equipment options, it’s impossible to list them all here. Check out the entire selection or filter to narrow your search to find the photography lighting rental system that meets your exact need.

    Need other specialty equipment for your next shoot, like 4K video cameras, lenses, or lighting? With BorrowLenses, you can rent all the equipment you need without the overhead (or storage space demands) that comes with buying.

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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