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Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details
Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details
Used Gear 

Looking to purchase our used gear?
Get great gear and at a great price by purchasing our used rental items.

All our used gear is fully functional, with each item tested, cleaned and securely packaged before it’s shipped out, so you know it will arrive ready for your next project!

Every item for sale is individually inspected and graded by our expert team. We may have multiples of certain products and each one will have its own rating so you can pick whether you want to get the best condition version or save a bit more with something that’s had a bit more use. More information about our ratings system is provided below.

Review your purchase with confidence from 3-days to 4-weeks.
All our used gear comes with a 3-day inspection period (starting when the item arrives at your door of course). If, for any reason, you want to return the item within those 3 days, simply send it back using a 2-day, trackable shipping method for a refund.

Don’t like the item? Just pay return shipping costs back to us (of course if anything is wrong with the item or seems off, let us know and we’ll cover those).

For returns after the 3-day inspection window, we will issue a refund for the purchase price less the standard rental fees for the time you had the gear for and roundtrip shipping cost when returned within 4 weeks.

Sorry, no refunds are provided after the 4-week inspection period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What comes with the used gear?
- Lenses: Front & read caps, and a hood (if it originally had one.)
- Cameras: Body, front cap, strap, one battery and a charger.
- Flashes: Just the unit itself. Additional $5 for accessories, based on inventory.
- Video Equipment:Cameras, audio, and lighting all come with the accessories listed on the product page.

Since the gear has been rented before, how do you ensure its quality?
Each item is tested and cleaned by our gear experts before being listed for sale to ensure you're receiving a quality used product from our inventory.

Can I see photos of the used gear I’m interested in?
Unfortunately, we are unable to provide photos of the exact piece of gear you may be purchasing but we do provide detailed condition ratings for each item that’s for sale.

Can I get actuation/shutter counts on the camera bodies?
We are also not able to list estimated or exact actuation/shutter counts for camera bodies.

Used Gear Quality Rating System
All used gear is individually reviewed and graded with an Expert Rating to show overall item condition. Just look for the details on each item in the used gear section of our site.
To ensure you have a great experience with your purchase, we do not sell any item rated a 6 out of 10 or below.

- Rating 10: Like New
- Rating 9 to 9.9: Excellent
- Rating 8 to 8.9: Good
- Rating 7 to 7.9: Poor
- Rating 6 to 6.9: Fair

All Expert Ratings are calculated according to our used gear quality ratings below:

Each item has a Cosmetic Rating to help you understand how the gear looks externally (gear housing and paint job). Of course, this won’t affect performance using the gear but we know it helps to know the wear of what you’re purchasing.

Cosmetic Ratings
10 - No signs of wear and tear: almost like new!
9 - Light wear and tear: Hard to find any scuffs, dings, or dulling paint
8 - Mild wear and tear: Faint impacts and scuffs are starting to show and item has lost a little of its shine
7 - Heavy wear and tear: Noticeable wear from light impacts, scuffs, and the paint job is dulling, but fully functional
6 - Severe wear and tear: Noticeable wear from heavy impacts, scuffs, and the paint job is diminishing, but fully functional

Depending on the type of equipment, we provide condition ratings on the other aspects of the used gear, such as the sensors, front and back lens elements, and monitor screens.

Sensors and Lenses
10 - Near flawless
9 - No visible debris, images are clean
8 - Very light internal dust, but images are clean
7 - Light scuffs and debris behind glass, images may be affected at f/16 or above
6 - Faint scratches and internal dust, images will be affected at f/11 and above

10 - Near flawless
9 - No visible scuffing or other damage
8 - Showing some light scuffing and wear from use, reference image clean
7 - Scuffing and some obvious wear may be starting to show on reference image
6 - Scratches and scuffs are noticeable on reference image, but still useable

Return/Exchange Policy for Accessories for Sale
All accessories are sold as is and all accessory sales are final. We are unable to provide refunds or store credit for purchased accessories so please let us know in advance if you have any questions on those!

Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details
Get Great Gear and Save Money with BorrowLenses Used