20% OFF RENTALS! Use Code: FRESH20  See Details
20% OFF RENTALS! Use Code: FRESH20  See Details
Browse the largest online selection of photo and video gear. Choose your period of rental, and we’ll send you what you need.
ship or pickup
Your order will arrive on the day you specify. You also have the option of picking up your order at one of our locations.
Shoot to your heart’s content with the highest quality professional equipment.
When your due date arrives, just use your prepaid label and the box your order came in to ship it back to us.
Important Things to Consider

• Your rental begins when the first delivery attempt is made. If you do not think you’ll be available for home delivery, please contact us to arrange for delivery to another location.

• Your rental must be returned to its pick up location or postmarked by your shipper before the same day cut-off time. Contact the location you’ll be bringing the return package to in advance to find out what the same day cut-off time is. Remember, local pickup spots and ship centers have varied hours!

• For your security, get a receipt from whoever you are dropping your gear off with for return.


Has there been an emergency? We understand. Please communicate your issue with us as soon as humanly possible so that we may properly address your needs with regards to your order. We are available by email, live chat, and by telephone during standard business hours.
More than 99% of the orders we process do not require a deposit. Some of our very expensive gear will require 3rd party insurance. When insurance isn't possible, we often request a deposit. We understand it can be inconvenient or in some cases not feasible to put down a large deposit and we will always communicate with you before charging any deposit. We evaluate every order and do reserve the right to ask for a deposit if we feel it's necessary. In all cases, we will do our best to work with you towards the best solution for both parties!

3rd Party Insurance
Some of our very expensive gear will require insurance in order to rent. We make sure to note this requirement at the bottom of the product page of all of the affected products, so you will not find any surprises!

Forms of Payment
We accept major credit and most debit cards: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER, and American Express. We do not accept pre-paid cards, gift credit cards, virtual card #s or temporary bank cards (those that do not have your name on them). We also don’t accept cards which are not US based. We hate to do it, but orders placed on these types of cards are automatically cancelled from the system.

When is my credit card charged?
If your order is placed and due to ship within 7 days of your order date, an authorization hold in the amount of the rental will be placed on your card immediately. On the day your order ships out, the authorization hold will be charged to your card. Debit cards are treated a little differently. When an authorization hold is placed on a debit card, the system actually withdraws the money needed for the hold and places it in a special intermediate account, but it is not transferred to us. Once the order is shipped, we "capture" your debit card and only then are the funds transferred from the intermediate account into ours. Kind of makes you want to use a credit card, doesn't it?

If your order is placed and due to ship 7 days later than your order date, an authorization hold in the amount of $1 will be placed on your card immediately, then released within 24 hours. Then, 2 days before your order is due to ship, we will authorize your card for the amount of the rental. The day your order ships the authorization will be charged to your card.

Sales tax is collected in all 50 states except AK, NH, IL (except for Chicago), OR, MT, and DE (which do not collect sales taxes). The state's taxing law states that if BorrowLenses.com is sending a rental to the state, the company now has 'nexus' in that state. As a result, the state's taxing authority requires that BorrowLenses.com collect and forward sales / use tax from the customer. Tax is assessed based on your delivery/shipping address. We hate to do this since we realize it raises the rental rates for you, but we must do it to adhere to the law.

Tax Exemption
If you are tax exempt, you must provide a resale certificate or other form of documentation for the state where your order is being shipped. Tax exempt forms must be submitted and confirmed before the order ships or is ready to be picked up. If you do not provide this, or you inform us of tax exempt status after your order has had it's status changed to "shipped" we are unfortunately unable to refund the tax. It can be claimed on your return for a refund when your taxes are filed.

Late Fees
We determine if you owe a late fee based on the time stamp on the return tracking information. The late fee is 1/4 of one week's rental fee for every day late, per item. The fee is easily avoided by extending your rental which you can do by going to your account and clicking "extend" next to your order.