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Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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Video Audio
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  • Audio Visual Equipment Rentals for Documentaries, Podcasts, and Everything in Between

    Renting the right AV Equipment doesn’t have to be a hassle. You don’t have to go back to school to learn how to make the gear. Below is a list of pre-approved Audio Gear used by professionals and students alike, all the gear has been thoroughly tested and cleared for anyone to use. And with Borrowlenses you won’t need to pay Hollywood prices to make your award winning project.

    Before there was sound in movies and television people would have to listen to a soundtrack from a piano player who’d sit in the theatre with you, watching and playing along. Today we have sync-sound. No more will you have to crank your film and audio reels back at the same time. Let BorrowLenses gear experts guide you to realizing your creative vision. 

    Find the Audio Accessories Right for Your Project

    From Sennheiser to Rode, BorrowLenses rents microphones, mixers, field recorders, headphones, and everything you need to capture the perfect soundscape. Final output resolution, wide angle vs telephoto lenses, and video codes, are just a few of the things you have to think about before shooting your next adventure. BorrowLenses is here to help you with that last little bit which many videographers don't put as much attention on as they should, Audio. Customers favorite AV rentals include:

    - Boom Pole Audio Package The Boom Pole Audio Package is a lightweight solution for stationary subjects, such as a sit-down interview. The BoomMate and grip allows for hands-free operation, suitable for small crews or working solo. The included boompole features an internally coiled cable and XLR connection at the base and the captive-collet coupling system locks each section in place for further reliability. The XLR connectors feature locking mechanisms and the cables are capable of carrying phantom power to microphones on both the plus and minus signal lines. The included shotgun-style microphone’s compact capsule features a transformerless RF condenser designed for excellent feedback rejection, high directivity, and low proximity effect. It also includes a windscreen. The included light stand holds up to 20lbs, more than enough for the mic, pole, cables, and BoomMate. Maintain caution when using the BoomMate and boompole outdoors, where extra stability may be required due to wind. This is an ideal kit for quick and easy shoots requiring extra hands-free overhead audio.

    - 25 Foot 3-Pin XLR Male to 3-Pin XLR Female Cable The 25' 3-Pin XLR Male to 3-Pin XLR Female Cable is designed specifically for low-impedance microphone signals. Thanks to its 3-pin male and female connectors, it can also be used as an XLR extension cable. The heavy-duty 24-gauge stranded copper conductors allow maximum signal transfer and minimum loss. It is recommend for 3-pin XLR microphones and boom poles.

    - Eartec UltraLITE 4-Person Headset SystemThe Eartec UltraLITE 4-Person Headset System is a professional full duplex intercom for up to four people. One MASTER sets the digital sequence and your crew can enjoy simultaneous wireless communication within a quarter mile range. The rechargeable batteries fit neatly into the earcups and run for approximately 6 hours. A multi-bay charger is included with the rental and will charge batteries fully in about 3 hours. These fully-adjustable noise cancelling microphone are effective for communication on busy sets and during events. Please note that this rental is intended for use in the the United States only. It's not for use outside of the United States.

    - Wooden Camera A-Box XLR Adapter for RED DSMC2 The Wooden Camera A-Box XLR Adapter for RED DSMC2 allows for (2) XLR microphones (rentable separately) to be plugged into the RED DSMC2 system, including the RED WEAPON, SCARLET-W, EPIC-W, and RAVEN when also using the Base Expander Module. Additionally, it is compatible with cameras having a 3.5mm (1/8") input. It mounts easily to 19mm rods and also includes a bushing for connecting to 15mm rods.

    - BoomMate Boompole HolderThe BoomMate Boompole Holder and Grip Head Kit is the perfect companion piece to the professional boompole. This unique device allows the user to mount the boompole to a stand using the supplied grip head for hands-free operation. Ideal for interviews or scenes that require an overhead microphone.

    Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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