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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details

Underwater sport housings are used in all genres of photography, including advertising, surfing, documentary, seascape art, fashion, fishing, Olympic water sports, and more. Discover a whole new way to shoot with our underwater housings for cameras and lenses, with compatibility for new gear like the Canon EOS R and Nikon Z series. Read more...

Complete Compatibility Guide for AquaTech Underwater Equipment Rentals

Underwater housing units are large cases for your camera bodies and lenses. Take your gear up to 33' underwater for fashion shoots, capturing athletes in strong surf, snorkeling, and more. Only certain housings go with certain items and some lens housings are only compatible with water surfaces and not for prolonged periods underwater. You will need both a housing unit for your camera and a separate one for your lens. Some lens ports need extension rings in order to fit. Learn all about compatibility in our Ultimate AquaTech Underwater Compatibility Guide for Camera and Lens Rentals.

We rent the following housings:

  • Underwater Camera Housings
  • Underwater Lens Housings
  • Underwater Zoom Gears

    Additional Underwater Resources

    Here are some handy resources you'll want to review to get started:

  • AquaTech Lens Cross Reference Chart
  • EDGE Housing Instruction Manual
  • REFLEX Housing Instruction Manual
  • Delphin/Elite Housing Instruction Manual
  • Lens Port Instruction Manual
  • Zoom Gear Instruction Manual

    Important Things to Know About Renting AquaTech Gear

  • • AquaTech underwater equipment is never available for same-day pickup or for overnight shipping. Lead time is always 2 days for these products.
  • • Our AquaTech rentals are not kept on-site and are kept with AquaTech for strict quality control. Therefore, we are not able to test out port/housing combinations or physically troubleshoot specific items for you. Please contact them for any of those questions prior to submitting your rental order with us.
  • • Even though gear is tested before it leaves the factory, you should still test your housing’s integrity before submerging your gear. This can be done in a bathtub. Hold the assembled housing under calm water for at least 15-20 seconds and look for escaping air bubbles. Learn more in Underwater Shooting Basics: Setting Up and Testing AquaTech Housings.

    Explore our AquaTech collection below and let the latest sport housings elevate your shooting performance and imagery results.
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  • Take Stunning Photos or Video with an Underwater Camera Rental

    Waterproof camera housing units let you capture the thrill of your next watersport adventure or sea life shoot. Whether you capture simple portraits in a pool or you're a professional who specializes in underwater fashion, the pictures and videos you take bring a fascinating and exciting world to the rest of us. At BorrowLenses, you can find the underwater camera and lens housing equipment for any adventure and at a price that makes sense.

    Go Further with Camera Rental Equipment

    In addition to waterproof cameras designed for watersports and underwater portraits, BorrowLenses also offers an extensive array of lighting, lenses, support equipment and much more for commercial shooters, assistants, DPs, fine artists, and anyone else in need of high quality gear for a special event, gig, or project.

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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